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You must have heard about the battle between the iPhone and the Galaxy, a battle that is won or lost depending on which side you are on. If you haven’t, then you’ll be happy or sad to learn that Apple, who owns the iPhone product, won the battle, but not the war (as many Samsung fans will point out).

For my own part, I don’t really care who found it, unless it’s me who wins the jackpot. But if you like to play your favorite casino games on a smartphone, and you are planning to buy either the new iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S3, then we give you some information to help you make your choice.


The smartphone constantly searches for the best available network, the better the network, the better the data flow. This will also affect how often social feeds are updated and how quickly messages are delivered. That being said, a constant, strong and advanced network either 3G or 4G offered by the Galaxy 3S will ensure you get uninterrupted gaming time on mobile slots. The iPhone 5 has 2 additional smaller networks that act as a security blanket, in case 4G is not available, both of these networks will ensure a constant and sufficient connection while the roulette wheel is rolling or when you place your bets on the blackjack table.


If you are worried about not being able to see the slots in action, or see animation sequences or read about great promotions, then we can say right away: “Don’t worry!”. Both smartphones were built with optimal viewing in mind. The iPhone 5 provides a crystal clear display on a 4 inch screen and the Galaxy S3 provides you with high-tech graphics and has fantastic navigation functions on an astonishing 4.8 inch screen.


No one would appreciate it if their smartphone turned off due to a dead battery in the middle of a free spin. That’s why both these mobile devices offer users a hefty battery life (or talk time). The iPhone 5 allows gamers to enjoy up to 8 hours of talk time and gaming pleasure, while on the Galaxy S3 you can play late into the night with 11 hours of talk time.


Playing your favorite mobile casino games on a bulky laptop while commuting to work or while traveling home in a taxi can be uncomfortable and in many cases dangerous. Fortunately, both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 smartphones can be compared to mini-laptops and they offer just as many advantages, if not more, and they weigh far less. The Galaxy weighs 133g and is offered with a storage capacity of 16GB or 32GB, while the iPhone weighs 20g less and also offers a third storage option of 64GB.


All in all, both smartphones cater to everyday needs and both offer casino games on mobile devices a memorable and fantastic gaming experience.

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