Desitorrents Proxy Sites To Unblock

Desitorrents Proxy is a hub of popular Bollywood films. This is very popular among the people of India. Although many OTT platforms are available, we all know that nobody wants to spend money on things they can access by using some sites. On, certain government restrictions are imposed, which makes it challenging for users to access. But for the users, many desi torrents proxy sites are available, which help them access all the shows and movies available on 

What do proxy sites mean?

Proxy sites are the sites that help users to access sites that are under some restrictions or are governed by the government. These proxy sites act as an intermediate that helps the users to complete their requests, which they ask from the servers.

The proxy server is a system that enables users to interact with the internet. So, to access any of the proxy sites from the server, the user had to send the request to the proxy server to access any of the websites, and then, in return, it provides the content of the website, which the user asks. 

Also, with the help of these proxy sites, the government’s restrictions are bypassed. And users can access all of the content on these sites. 

Is DesiTorrents banned in India?

Yes, desi torrents are banned in India. websites have many copyright works of the content creators which users cannot see through the Desitorrents sites, and to do so, the government has imposed several restrictions on these sites, and the government has banned some of them. You cannot even access the IP address of these sites as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have also blocked access to these websites, which helps the content creators to keep their content copyright. 

The main reason behind blocking these sites is to provide privacy to the Bollywood industry, which produces movies and web series. There is much illegal content posted on these desi torrent sites without a proper license. Also, these sites leak all the new content in the market without any privacy or license. 

But as there is something available either legally or illegally, there are many proxy sites by which you can access these sites. But when users access these sites, they have to make sure that they do not get caught because if they are caught while accessing the content of the Desi torrents sites, then their actions are considered against the law, and they have to face the consequences which come in their way. 

Therefore, it is always advisable for the users to access the movies and series from their own OTT platforms and not get involved in these things, as everybody wants to get paid for their efforts, so do the content creators want to get paid for the hard work they do, in the means of subscription of the platforms available. 

How can you get access to DesiTorrents?

First of all, try to give your attempt to open; if you are lucky, it will open, and if not, then try another way out. There are so many ways available by which you can get access to the Desi Torrents website. 

The foremost way to get access to these sites is through VPN software. This VPN software helps the users hide their Internet Protocol (IP) address from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and helps the user access the web and surf it without any authorization. The user on the web is referred to as anonymous. Everything comes with some disadvantages so does the VPN software. It degrades your internet experience by decreasing the speed of your internet surfing. This can make you a little annoyed and frustrated.

The second way to access the site is by using proxy sites. Many proxy sites are available that help the users to access the sites by being anonymous and can open the sites while accessing the whole content. These proxy sites are similar to regular websites and always assist the users in unclogging DesiTorrents. 

As we discussed, VPN is very slow, and the download takes time. And finding proxy sites that can work very fluently is challenging. Therefore, many proxy websites are listed below, which will make your work more accessible, and you can access the content with their help. Also, these sites will provide you with the best experience, and you can rely on them. 

How To Access DesiTorrents?

First of all, try your luck and open DesiTorrents, If you are lucky it will open :-P. Well, there are many ways to access or unblock DesiTorrents website again. The first method is to use VPN Software. VPN software will hide your IP address from your ISP and you can surf the internet anonymously. But VPN will ruin your internet experience. VPN will slow down the surfing speed and you may get frustrated.

If you are a torrent fan then you many try RARBG Proxy, Torlock Proxy, and Fmovies Proxy Sitesto download movies and many other contents.

List of proxy sites to access the

Below are some websites by which you can access the original content of With these websites’ help, you can access web series, movies, numerous pdfs, games, and much more. 

Serial No.  Desitorrents Proxy Sites Status
1 Online
2 Online
3 Online
4 Online
5 Desitorrents Proxy Online
6 Unblock Desitorrents Online
7 Desitorrents UK Proxy Online
8 Desitorrents US Proxy Online
9 Desitorrents Mirror Site Online
10 Desitorrents Alternatives Online
11 Unblock Desitorrents Proxy Online
12 Desitorrents Unblocked Online

In order to access Desitorrents torrent site you just need to click on any Desitorrents proxy/mirror links. The Link will spontaneously unban Desitorrents torrent for your internet connection. I Hope this post listing Desitorrents proxy helped you very much. Bookmark this article of best Desitorrents proxy & mirror sites as we keep on appending many more Desitorrents proxy & mirror sites to the list to make the table more resourceful for everyone who is looking for Desitorrents torrent proxy sites.

These are a few of the proxy sites with the help of which you can access the content, which will enable you to watch movies, web series, play games, access PDFs, and much more. 

Conclusion- site might have some restrictions because of which you might need access to the site’s content. But for you, there are many proxy sites available by which you can access all of the content of the site without any worry. The proxy sites have been discussed above, and all the proxy sites have also been listed by which you can access many things, including movies, web series, pdfs, games, and much more. 

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