Fmovies (2020): Top 10+ Best Alternatives for Popular TV shows and Web series

There is simply nothing in the world that can help you escape reality like a good movie or a brilliant TV show. Movie creators have been creating magic on the screen for several decades, and now TV shows, as well as web series, are becoming increasingly popular with major production houses taking them under their wings. The number of moviegoers has not decreased over the last decades, and with popular TV shows and web series, you can have your fill of entertainment no matter where you are. One of the best things about watching things on the screen is that you can spend a brilliant amount of time lost in a virtual world away from reality lost in the storytelling of the director and the actors. India has been one of the biggest producers of movies not only in the Bollywood industry but also in the South Indian Punjabi and Bengali movie industry.

This is one creative process that has received undaunted love and affection from people all over the world. There are hardly people who dislike watching movies, and this is one reason they have become so popular everywhere. During these trying Times stuck at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is an excellent opportunity for movie buffs and TV show lovers to catch up on the movies and shows that have been missed because of work and other engagements. Being cooped up inside the house, it is time for you now to create the cinema Experience at The comfort of your own home, with the resources available at your expense. This is the perfect time to watch and also binge-watch whatever TV shows and web series that you have missed out on.

Not having the luxury of going to the cinema hall may seem to defeat to some; however, it is still possible for you to get your hands on the latest releases and even watch the old classics that are available on the illegal pirated websites all over the internet. Such sites provide the platform where you can not only stream but also download a host of movies as well as tv shows and web series seamlessly from the internet for absolutely no cost at all. This seems too good to be accurate; however, this is an ideal Win-Win situation even when you are stuck at home and have nothing to do.

What is fmovies

It is not recently that illegal Torrent websites have become so accessible all over the internet. While it may be true, that the number of active members on these websites have jumped up now because of the idleness at home. They have always been quite popular among the Indian as well as the global crowd because they provide a platform for you to binge-watch on the best of TV shows and web series. They also allow you to download any movies you want in no time at all.

Fmovies is such a site that lets you download movies and TV shows fresh off the internet for absolutely no cost at all. There is no shortage of such illegal movie websites in India or even all over the world, but there are some great features and characteristics. It made fmovies a fan favorite all over India with millions of active members and a tremendous amount of traffic for the website at all times. It is truly one of the top-rated pirated movie websites in India. It has a huge collection of not only Bollywood movies but also movies in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Punjabi that are easy to download.

It is very easy to access fmovies by merely putting a relevant link on the address bar, and it is also very easy to navigate through this website. The government had put on vehement effort to ban and end piracy in India because it affects not only the movie industry but also the cinema halls; however, such efforts remain unsuccessful because these websites remain up and running as successfully as ever. The reason why these websites became so popular in the first place is because of how costly movies tickets have become. They provide a platform with a host of movies and series available for no money at all.

Website Features of fmovies

Fmovies has gathered a considerable number of followers on very little time, and this has simply been made possible because of its advanced features and characteristics that are from its competitors. Fmovies has now acquired millions of active users, and massive traffic for the website is phenomenal time, making it one of the best torrent sites ever. With no shortage of movie websites in the first place, it is truly because of their intelligence and analytics that they have driven to the top of the list. Here are some of the features that set it apart and make it so accessible:

  • Most of these websites are easy to access and work on laptops or PC; they do not generally support mobile viewing that keeps a vast demographic from not being able to use their site. However, this is not the case for fmovies because this is one website through which you will be able to watch your favorite content no matter what device you are viewing from. While it works perfectly fine on laptops and PC, it is also extremely efficient on mobile phones, which truly sets it apart.
  • Sometimes you simply want to add some brilliant movies and TV shows to your collection and keep them for later viewing rather than binging on them immediately. If you are of this category, this is perfect for you because it provides you with a platform that allows you to not only stream movies online on this website but also download content limitlessly. When it comes to downloading all the material available on this website are offered on a number of formats so you can customize your experience and watch them or download them according to your preferences.
  • It can become really frustrating if you cannot find a particular movie or a TV show that you really are craving. However, when you come to fmovies, this will be the last of your concerns because it has a massive collection of movies, TV shows, and web series available on its database that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Not only will you be able to find a host of Bollywood, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Punjabi movies but it also has a huge collection of Hollywood movies and TV shows that are worth your watch. The huge collection of fmovies really sets it apart from making a one-stop destination where you can find all the content that you want in no time at all.
  • If you have missed out on some of the biggest blockbusters that have been released recently and cannot find it on any other online streaming portals, this is the best place for you. At fmovies, you will be able to find even the most recently released movies and TV shows and particular episodes lined up for you in their latest released section. This is truly a fantastic thing because you get to save money while at the same time watch the recently released movies without any hassle at all.
  • Some people are of the opinion that movies on these pirated movie websites are of poor quality and are mostly whole prints of the original film. They find it impossible to enjoy the experience because it is not genuine and real. However, this is not the case when it comes to fmovies because all the movies and TV shows that are available on this website are of the top quality so you can embark on a genuine experience of movie magic. Besides, you also get a wide array of formats in which you can download the movies in order to have an experience like never before.
  • If you have never downloaded movies from such a pirated movie website and feel intimidated because you are not particularly tech-savvy, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about because the user interface of fmovies is extremely easy to understand and access. It features a search bar where you can look for the movie on the TV show that you are looking for, and you simply have to tab on a download button, which will automatically start the process, and you will have the content on your device in no time at all. Downloading movies at movies is truly a piece of cake.
  • Another great feature of fmovies is that all of the content available on this website has been categorized into various sections and subsections depending on a particular criterion like general language, which makes it even easier for newcomers to understand the website and hence navigate through it. Even if you are a complete novice in the lands of the pirated movie, this is the best place for you to begin because it is simple and easy to use.
  • Because all pirated movie website has been banned by the government to stop piracy, fmovies has been banned as well, making it an illegal site. There are many other websites that have been affected in a similar manner and have lost their consumers. However, fmovies have managed to keep changing the URL on the proxy server, keeping the website a life through mirror sites so you can access it without any worry or problem.

Categories on fmovies

The amount of content available on FMovies can seem a little intimidating at times. While there are many websites that provide you with pirated movies one of the best features the fmovies is that it provides a number of categories for you to easily navigate through the website. Here are some of the categories that you will find on Fmovies:

  • Bollywood movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • English web series
  • Hindi shows
  • Kannada movies
  • Romantic movies
  • Science fiction movies
  • Drama movies
  • Action movies
  • Thriller movies
  • Horror movies
  • Movies for kids
  • Recent releases

As already mentioned, websites like fmovies that provide pirated movie contents are illegal because the government has banned them. Accessing sites like this and downloading material from here is a criminal offense and is not advisable. While nobody has been jailed or fined for downloading or streaming content from these websites, they can land you in trouble if you do not take the proper precautionary measures. Some people can find the entire process to be anxiety-provoking, and lucky for them; there are some alternative legal websites online streaming portals that may be free or not that can serve the purpose. Some of the best legal streaming platforms are as follows:

1. Netflix 

No one has not heard the name of Netflix. It is one of the most popular and well-rated legal platforms for you to binge-watch several web series, TV shows, and movies across videos on risk and in multiple languages. The content provided by Netflix is too expensive, and they also have their production unit that releases some of the best web series and movies of all time. Here you will be able to find not only recently released movies but also old ones that are fan favorites. Although you do need to pay a certain amount of money as membership every month or annually, it is worth every penny.

2. Amazon Prime Videos

This platform is not as old as Netflix, but it has indeed caught up and has a plethora of content across many nations available against some cost. Again this is not a platform where you can watch movies and TV series for free because you have to pay a certain amount of money as membership. Amazon also produces a huge amount of web series and films that are worth watching because of the star cast and fantastic storyline. It is straightforward to use, and it provides the best experience that you can expect.

3. Disney+ Hotstar

This is another paid online streaming portal where you can watch a tremendous amount of content without any hassle. Although it was previously simply Hotstar, it has now collaborated with Disney+ and will also feature the original web series and movies from all over the Disney universe. This has made this platform even more attractive because the amount of Disney fans all over the world is merely massive. The amount of money you pay for this platform is truly worth every penny because of its brilliant content.

4. Crackle

If you do not want to spend money but are looking for an online viewing platform with a host of content available, this is the place for you. It is hosted by one of the biggest producers in the market, Sony, which is extremely easy to use and interactive. You simply have to log in and register yourself to this website, and then you will be able to create a watchlist of your own. The best part about this website is that you will also be provided with relevant recommendations depending on your watchlist.

5. Internet Archive

This is truly one of the most well known and most popular platforms that have ever existed. Not only is this legal but also absolutely free, providing a versatile area of content besides movies and TV shows. You will also be able to find your books and software that can be viewed online or be downloaded without any additional hassle. The contents provided on this platform are categorized into various sections making it extremely easy to navigate and use.

6. MoviesFoundOnline

If you value both quality and quantity, you will truly appreciate this website that provides a wide variety of content that is available in the best audio and video quality possible. Besides, TV shows and movies will also be able to find popular web series, documentaries, stand up comedy videos, and other such relevant content that will invigorate you. The site is very easy to use and accessible no matter where you are.

7. Pluto TV

We have all gone through a phase where we were addicted to watching television endlessly. If you still want to imagine that experience, this platform is simply like a TV where you will be able to watch Live television events in real-time. It is like a real TV where you can switch channels according to your mood and watch sports events or TV shows and soap operas limitlessly. This platform is truly unique and something worth your while.

8. Legit Torrent

You heard it right. This is truly a website where we will be able to download or stream movies and TV shows online legal and for absolutely no money at all. You will be able to find your not only a huge and extensive collection of movies and TV shows but also animes, music videos, documentaries, apps, and other varied content. It is very easy to use this website, which makes it even more popular. This is like any other Torrent website; the only difference is that it is entirely legal to use.

9. Crunchy roll

There is no denying that animes have become one of the biggest genres of movies and shows that people love to watch. They are mature offbeat and provide a new experience that you do not find in mainstream movies or television. It is hence a passion for a number of people to watch animals endlessly. If you fall into this category, then you will love this website because it provides thousands of episodes of animes for absolutely no money at all. They provide top quality content like no other place making it truly unique.

10. Yahoo View

If you, like many others, were beat broken after Hulu was monetized, then this is your chance at redemption. This is a platform that still has a huge range of content that was previously available on Hulu and has made it possible for you to steal them online. The site is entirely legal and has a vast plethora of movies and TV shows from all over the world that you can binge-watch for absolutely no cost at all.

Best Illegal Alternatives  

If you find it impossible to get your hands on some content on the legal alternatives to fmovies or simply cannot find them on fmovies. You need not worry because there are a number of alternative websites to fmovies that are filled to the brim with amazing content and have some of the best categories and characteristics that you must be inclined towards. Here are some of the best illegal alternatives to fmovies:

1. O2 Movies

This website has a huge collection of movies from all over India and even Hollywood movies that have been recently released or are old classics. Not only is this website is straightforward to use but also has some fascinating features that make it a worthy replacement for Fmovies. If you are feeling frustrated looking for a particular movie of your choice, this is definitely your website that you should check out.

2. FilmyWap

Another one of the best and most top rated websites for pirated movie content is filmywap that is known for its top-quality audio as well as video on each and every one of its content. No matter what movie from which genre you are looking for, you will definitely be able to find it here. It offers you an opportunity to not only stream movies online, but you can also download them for adding them to your collection for later.


This is another very popular pirated movie content website that is available not only in India but also accessible globally. You will have to be able to find relevant content pertaining to the Indian movie industry as well as in the Hollywood industry and other foreign films as well. One of the best characteristics of this website is that all of the content available here has been categorized into various sections and subsections, which makes it very easy to navigate through and find what you are looking for on this website.

4. KatMovieHD

This is another one of the most popular websites for pirated movies that features some of the most recent releases in the market. You will be able to find movies from all genres and languages from this website that is extremely easy to use and offers you a platform from where you can download or even stream movies online without any hassle.

5. TamilGun 

One of the best things about the movie industry is the versatility it offers in the content. No matter what your mood is and what movie you want to watch, you will be able to find it here on this website. It has a huge collection of romantic, action, comedy, thriller, horror, animation, and kids movies for you and your family. This is a one-stop destination for movies belonging to all categories under one umbrella.

6. Dvdwap 

This pirated movie website has managed to remain very active with massive traffic making this website very popular. The contents available on this website are very well categorized so you can understand and watch movies according to your mood. It has a vast library of content from which you can choose from seamlessly. It also features a search bar where you can simply look for the movie or the tv shows that you are looking for and download it instantly or stream online.

7. 123movies


After having changed its URL multiple times even after the ban of pirated movie websites. This site has managed to stay on the top of the game, providing a brilliant array of not only movies but also a huge collection of TV shows and web series that you can binge-watch or download for viewing later. It is a terrific website that changes its URL and uses mirror sites, which helps it to remain active and accessible to the public.

8. Jio Rockers 

This is a relatively new platform that has been released, keeping in mind the Indian demographic. Hence you will be able to find your Bollywood movies and movies in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, and even Bengali in here. Most of the movies that are being released in the theatres are readily available to you within the same week, so you do not have to waste money going to a cinema hall and enjoy at the comfort of your own house.

9. Popcorn Time 

This isis a website that has a huge collection of Bollywood, South Indian, as well as Hollywood movies and TV shows that can be easily downloaded or streamed online. All you have to do is get your popcorn ready and start your binge-watching. It is a terrific website that is extremely easy to use even for newbies and the perfect place to have your fill of entertainment.

10. Tamilrockers

Although this website originally only had content pertaining to the new Malayalam movie industry or the Indian in the movie industry at large, it Now features even Bollywood and Hollywood movies that are available and are easy to download. All the content on this website is categorized into various sections so that you can find films relevant to your mood in no time at all.


As you may have already understood by now, using fmovies is maybe a little dangerous without the proper precautions. If you do not remember to change your VPN address, it can be detrimental to you and your cyber identity. It is an illegal website that has continuously been banned by the government to stop piracy. Because of the heightened use of pirated sites like Fmovies, the movie industries all over the world are suffering tremendously. It is hence never advisable to watch or download movies from such pirated websites. You must avoid using such a website at all costs and rather up for the other free or paid legal websites online streaming portals available nowadays.


Fmovies is a brilliant website that offers a plethora of movies and TV shows as well as web series from around the world in various genres and languages. However, it is a pirated website that is illegal, and the use of it is not encouraged in any way, shape, or form. You must use discretion while using such a website and rather choose to use the other legal mediums.

FAQs Regarding fmovies

It is natural for you to have some queries regarding movies, and the answers to these frequently asked questions will help you to clear your doubts.

Is fmovies legal?

No fmovies is a pirated website that has been banned by the government according to their anti-piracy policies. However, this website is still operational using proxy links for mirror links.

Is it safe to use fmovies?

It is not entirely safe to use at fmovies because they use pop up ads to earn revenues. While these pop-up ads may seem a little annoying, at the same time, they may even have some malware or virus that can detrimentally affect your device. On the other hand, fmovies is an illegal website, and dealing with such a site is an offense. Although nobody has been fined or jailed for using a website like this, it is still not advisable.

Can I get subtitles on fmovies?

Yes, most of the movies and web series or TV shows available on fmovies come along with subtitles that can also be downloaded along with the film. Such subtitles are available in a number of languages like Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and more.

How many movies can I download from fmovies?

The best part about these torrent websites like fmovies is that there is no restriction on the number of movies that you can download or even stream online from this website. All you need is a steady internet connection, and you will have all the movies and TV shows that you want in no time at all.

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