Dog racing industry and concerns

dog racing industry concerns

A unique form of sports that has come up over the last century and become popular with the people is dog racing, especially greyhound racing. Traditionally an artificial hare or rabbit is used as a lure for the dogs that race after it and the one who reaches a pre-determined mark first is the winner. While dog racing is a form of enjoyment sports in many countries, in others like the United States (where 13 states offer this sports), England, Australia etc dog racing ahs industry status and is a form of popular non-casino based gambling for players. Parimutuel gambling is the popular medium through which people can stake on dogs and win wagers on the outcome of the race.

The popularity of the dog racing industry can be gauged by the extensive information that do rounds among interested people. There is not only a comprehensive database regarding the dog racing industry in terms of greyhound, pedigrees, races and venues but also a Greyhound Hall of Fame that shows how much the industry has found favor with the people.

The concerns for dog racing industry, however, have some serious grounds. While it is controversial how much the dog racing industry contributes towards the well being of the dogs, lately some greyhound adoption societies have sprung up to keep a tab on the dogs who are past the age of participating in races, and homes are found where the retired dogs can live as pets. Another matter of concern regarding the dog racing industry is that in the United States greyhound racing does not come under the jurisdiction of Animal Welfare Act. This makes the treatment and living condition of the dogs who are trained to take part in the races and also who are now retired from a life of racing arbitrarily in the hands of the individual owners with a few regulations enforced by the industry.

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