How, and Where to Play Double Bubble Slot

Double Bubble Slot

Are you one of the people who are avid fans of online games? If yes, here is something that you might want to try, the Double Bubble Slot.

What is Double Bubble Slot?

This game is uniquely created by one of the top bingo and casino games developers – the Gamesys.  This game is surely a source of fun, entertainment and relaxation. A lot of people of different ages have been addicted to this super enjoyable game. This game is also an online slot which needs a little piece of amount and you will be rewarded with a lot of twisting sorts it offers. The fruity icons it contains are just perfect for relaxing within an hour or more so.

How Is It Played?

First, you have to select the size of your coins since this will be your entire access to the game. Likewise, the coin is important because it will be your base for earning extra coins. If you want a multiple earn, you just have to select the bigger coins. Or if you want play the game gradually you can also use the smaller coins. But take note that bigger coins can be even better. Just take a click on the + or – button which is placed near the coin size so that you can choose the size of your coins.  For a comprehensive guide on how to play Double Bubble Slot then click on the link.

How to Win in Playing Double Bubble Slot

Just select the number of lines that you want to challenge. These are coloured lines which appear in the reels. You can have the bet up to 20 lines. However the more lines you select the bigger amount of coins it will cost. But again, more lines mean greater chances of winning.

You can have three ways of adding your lines, these are the following:

  • Click the button for BET ONE so that you can add one line.
  • Click the numbers which are coloured and are found in the reels.
  • Click the button for BET MAX if you want to reach the maximum lines so that you can have bigger chances of winning once it is already spinning.

Are There Bonuses Which Can Help Maximize The Winning Chances?

Definitely there are chances. Double Bubble Slot has three symbols of winning which appear in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th line of the reels.  These symbols are the three bubbles which will let you choose only one of them.  If you chose the lucky one, random coins will pop out that can even multiply your total coins.

How About the Rules of This Game

Double Bubble Slot is composed of five reels where there are twenty lines on each reel. If you are ready to spin your luck, take a risk and you can have your bet up to twenty lines so that there are bigger chances of winning which are guaranteed for you.

As for your membership in this game, once your money is already commenced, you cannot discontinue your game nor have your money back. But one thing is for sure, you will be totally entertained by this game slot. No price can be named if it is the enjoyment and relaxation that await you.

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