Fiat and Crypto: Who wins the iGaming battle?


iGaming business is a business magazine which focuses on the online gambling industry. iGaming covers online casinos. The reference of iGaming is betting on events, games or sporting competitions on the internet. Also involves all types of online gambling stripes. Online money is an integral part of online casinos. There was no option remaining for people other than Fiat currency. The before a decade there was, the foundation of cryptocurrency happened. Then it was adopted by most people and eventually became popular in online gambling.

  1. Fiat currency: Like U.S. Dollars, Fiat can be said as it is a formal or legal authorization tender associated with government-issued currency.
  2. Cryptocurrency: The digital or virtual currencies that have secure transactions through cryptography. Cryptography is a kind of art of coding and solving codes.

The major take from the record of 2021 is that the bets placed through cryptocurrency are in bulk amounts. And the same period, growth seen is 2.8 per cent. The positive trend continued in 2021: the growth from Q2 2021 to Q3 2021 was 28%. This kind of huge growth is not just because of developed SOFTSWISS but because of growing digital consumption worldwide.

Investment of iGaming companies in marketing has been increased. This gives popularity to online gambling and betting, mostly among women. The young generation is more likely to go for cryptocurrency. This increases the involvement of cryptocurrency in iGaming.

Fiat v/s Crypto, who is better to help to win iGaming battles?

  • Updating demand:-

Fiat is a traditional and aged way of online gambling, but the world demands updating, so by that thought process, Crypto was executed. Since then, many people have switched to cryptocurrencies. The value of cryptocurrencies generally increases over time due to their deflationary nature. So that’s why they become sound investment opportunities.

  • Crypto is less credible than Fiat money:-

The Fiat money is issued to people by the central government and is regulated by central banking. This central banking authority controls the issue of supply across the market. Hence it is associated with the term “legal tenders”. Where any such third party does not hold Crypto, so hence Crypto becomes less credible. A cryptocurrency is decentralized. It is not controlled by any central authority. Because of this, governments and financial associations can manipulate or interfere with them.

  • Digitization of currency:

Crypto is a digital platform and does not associate with any physical appearance of currency. At the same time, Fiat currency has its physical appearance in paper and some coins. So Crypto is an updated version for the transaction and financial work. But Fiat has an advantage that online, it can also share offline, which cannot be done in Crypto.

  • Crypto holds the record:

As Crypto is an online digital process, it holds the record of transactions, so it’s beneficial that you have all the data of your money transactions and money used. These records are working for us as our proof of money usage. Its ledger is a record of our money spending. That is why Crypto often is favourable over fiat currency.

  • Fluctuation in a rate:-

There is more stability seen in fiat money than in cryptocurrency. The value of major currencies like Euros and U. S. Dollars changes as much as the currency value of Crypto.

  • Transaction speed:

Especially in iGaming, there is favouritism in favour of cryptocurrency because of its transaction speed. The processes like instant deposits, transfers and withdrawals are made instantly in Crypto, which is impossible through Fiat money.

  • Cost saving:

Cryptocurrency does not demand additional charges or fees for a transaction like normal banking. In Fiat, you have to bear some additional charges like transaction charges, processing charges, storage charges, processing fees, conversion fees, etc., in Crypto; decentralization and minimal use of resources lowers the overhead.

All the won prices will be received with the real amount in cryptocurrency, while a tax deduction in Fiat happens, which lowers your received won value. Compared to traditional fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are often cheaper and faster.

  • Immutability:-

Cryptocurrencies cannot be changed or reversed once created, so they are securely immutable.

  • Crypto’s ease of use:

Fiat money-related processes might be lengthy. Even if they are not complicated, they can test your patience limits. For instance, you have to deposit the related fund to your bank account and then you have to transfer that amount to your gambling account. Sometimes you might need to convert your amount as per the casino’s currency requirement. On the other hand, Crypto has separate criteria for saving your amount, called a crypto wallet, which is instantly ready to transfer and is accepted globally.

  • Transparency and security:-

Here in Crypto, no one can use fake bitcoins. Crypto resembles a digital platform which is securely encrypted and recorded side by side. It gets ensures that no one bypasses the predefined protocols. There is a ledger where all your transaction gets immediately recorded. So, there we felt assurance and security of our money.

Since there is no government issue associated with it, and hence there are no tracking issues, your transaction is untraceable by anyone except you. Aside from that, casino operators who accept cryptocurrency are legally required to use provably fair gambling methods. Players got every right to know how winners are decided and how the casino calculates the best. Which ultimately increases the transparency for both casino and the player.

  • Bottom line:

As with conventional trading systems, Crypto avoids the hurdles of Fiat, such as instant payment, anonymous transactions, and simplicity of use. There is no doubt that this is an important point when it comes to online gambling. It is for all these reasons that cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity and are expected to continue to do so in the future.


So don’t wait to go for cryptocurrencies and Crypto as it is far more beneficial than fiat currencies, especially in iGaming.

In comparison to fiat currency, cryptocurrencies offer many advantages. Due to its decentralized nature, cryptocurrencies are not controlled by governments or financial institutions. This gives freedom and flexibility to your money use. They are much cheaper and faster than fiat currencies which were used to be the traditional money exchange ways.

Hence, crypto are less time-consuming, trustworthy, instant, immutable, and more efficient than fiat currency in iGaming. And the transparency of blockchain offers the enhancement and security of money. Considering all these features, it is concluded that cryptocurrencies are a better option than Fiat currencies in iGaming.


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