Frequent doubts in sports betting

sports betting

Playing in sporting events has become very popular and when you have experience it is very fun and simple. However, when you are a newbie and you are going to place your first bet, many doubts spring to mind. At Strendus we tell you which are the most common questions for those who are approaching this fascinating world for the first time.

What is the momio?

It represents the probability that a team wins, loses or draws, in general terms, it is the relationship that exists between the possibility of a result being presented, or not. Normally we see it with a minus sign or one of more and that means that the squad that comes out as the favorite has a “handicap” against it, that is, goals or points are subtracted. For example, in our Sportsbook you will see it as Tampa Bay -7, which means that the Buccaneers are favorites with seven points less than their rival and if you bet with them they must win by seven points or more. In simple terms, it is as if in a race the slowest person was given the advantage of starting earlier and the fastest starting seven seconds later.

Why do the odds change?

Odds are modified in the days leading up to matches for different reasons: it could be injuries to key players, weather issues or even the level at which the opposing teams arrive. If you prefer to play with the game in progress, the sports betting is also modified depending on how the result is going at that time.

What is the odds of ups and downs?

There are several types of bets: you can go with the winner, who to score first, with players who score a goal, and more. Among these bets are the high and low lines, which refer to the total number of goals, points or runs that both teams will score together in the game in question. For example, in a basketball game , you will see the winner line for each team, a figure that refers to the expected number of points, and obviously betting high means that you think both teams will exceed that number.

Can I play without using the odds?

In reality, the odds are all bets that you are making, many confuse it with the “handicap”, which in some bets may or may not exist, depending on the type of bets that the user is making.

What is a parlay?

This term is widely used among players and refers to the combination of results in the same bet, or the possibility of combining two games or more in the same bet to increase your profit, because the percentage of victory is lower. In this sense, you could do a combination of two or more results, regardless of the sport, but to win all the results must be met.

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