What makes an online slot game so popular?

online slot game

The rise of online casinos has been nothing short of phenomenal over recent years. At the heart of any great casino is a fantastic range of slot games. Slots are by far the most popular games to play. While players may enjoy playing poker, blackjack, or even roulette, it is slots that have always kept players coming back for more. With the popularity of slots increasing every year, there is no sign that this is something that is about to change.

There is such a huge variety of online slots to play, so the hardest part is often choosing which ones to try out. So, what is it makes slots so appealing to players, and what is it that makes one slot more popular than another? 

From Starburst to Gonzo’s Quest

The major factor that makes slots so appealing overall is the enormous range that there are to choose from. Games such as Gonzo’s Quest allow players to immerse themselves in a mythical time of the past, where there are new lands to discover and treasure to be found. Then there are slots such as Starburst.

While Gonzo’s Quest sees you in times of old, Starburst is more of a futuristic type slot game. As you take control of a symbol-filled spacecraft, you can feel as though you are flying through space while looking for a win. Released back in 2012, this slot is now regarded as a classic. With its bright flashing lights, amazing sounds, and the chance to win big, it is easy to see why. 

The playability factor

What popular slots such as Starburst show is that those visiting online casinos are there to be entertained. The playability of a slot is a significant factor in making an online slot popular. A slot may have great graphics coupled with an amazing soundtrack, but this all becomes redundant if the playability is lacking.

What players are looking for in a great slot is the chance to immerse themselves. Of course, a strong theme goes a long way towards achieving this, but players are often looking for more. The slot needs to be easy to play, but it also needs to offer plenty of bonuses to keep a player’s interest. While the opportunity to win free spins is always great, players are also on the lookout for some of the biggest jackpots: ones like Starburst where there is a great chance of winning. 

Making slots accessible

For an online slot to really take off in popularity, it needs to be accessible to as many players as possible. It is all well and good that people have heard of a slot, but if they are unable to play it, then this becomes worthless. The most popular slots make it easy for everyone to play by working across all devices, including mobiles.

Thanks to the developers behind the games, online slots are now playable wherever you are because of the mobile experience. Whether it is a mobile optimised site or a stand-alone app, a slots’ popularity soars when there is the chance to play on the go. Gone are the days of being tied to a desk or laptop: if a slot wants to remain popular, then you are sure to be able to play it on your mobile device. 

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