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The iGaming industry is snowballing and is currently worth approximately 72 billion dollars worldwide. This growth has been fuelled by innovation and the advancement of technology but also by the restrictions placed on all industries in the past two years. During this time, players who missed standing at their favourite blackjack or roulette table turned to online casinos. In this article, we take a look at what the future of live online casino games may look like.

As good as the real deal or close to it

While there are several “live” games available where the croupier or dealer is recorded, it’s not quite close enough to the actual experience of sitting at a poker table. Currently, most croupiers or dealers talk to you and not to you. In the future, players may be able to take a seat at a virtual table and interact and communicate with the dealer and fellow players as though they were there in person. 

Virtual reality and the Metaverse

VR and the Metaverse are the big buzzwords for the future of live casino games. There has always been a lot of interest in virtual reality for live casino games, and while there are a few out there, they aren’t quite hitting the mark yet. VR technology is now more affordable than ever and promises players a more immersive experience. An experience where a headset and a few sensors let you step into a realistic-looking room to communicate with all your senses as you play a live game. An experience so realistic that you could feel the cards between your fingers and hear the sounds of chips falling. This is not as far off as you think. Thanks to Metaverse and VR technology, soon, slot-machine players might be able to enter the slot theme, while table game players could be dressed to the nines and talking to celebrities and high fliers. 

Gesture Control

Keyboards, controllers, consoles and your mouse may soon be a thing of the past. Developers are looking to incorporate gesture control such as hand or eye movements to place bets. Gesture control is still some time off from being in every household, and you would need some rather pricey equipment.

Improved security

One of the most significant reasons for the increased popularity of online live casinos is the added security they offer. These added security advantages have been the cause behind the numerous new deposit methods that have become available to players. It is also said that live casinos will add extra security features such as voice, facial and fingerprint recognition in the near future.

Social media integration

In the near future, you will be able to stream your live casino game to all social media platforms. Players will be able to comment on their gameplay as well as have their audience comment and interact while they play. The social aspect of live casinos is sure to have a huge impact on gambling as this was always a more solitary pastime.

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