How to become a better video poker player

If you are a random hobbyist, you will know that videopoker is not one of the most popular casino games. Despite being a game with similar to slots , it is far from having the prestige of slot machines.

In fact, video poker machines seem to be gradually disappearing from the spaces reserved for them within physical casinos . Many of these gadgets are being replaced by state-of-the-art slots, more lucrative for casinos.

This is mainly because the slot machines offer players many more features and functions than video poker games. The multiple themes available or the different bonus games are some of these particularities.

However, at Best Online Casinos Mexico we think that video poker games still have a lot to offer. That is why we have prepared this article, which will help you become a better video poker player .


Video poker games are based on the game mechanics of traditional poker. In this sense, some games use the standard deck of 52 cards, while others introduce the wild card figure.

Traditionally, the most widespread form of video poker is Jacks or Better, which uses a standard deck of 52 cards. Deuces Wild is usually another popular version of video poker.

Knowing the variant of poker we play is essential. This is so because knowing the value of all the cards will help us to shape a more successful game strategy from the beginning.

Most video poker games start by giving the player 5 cards. Next, the user will have to discard those that do not interest him and keep those that can make him get a good hand.

As we have previously indicated, knowing the type of video poker we play and the combinations of the pay table will help us to obtain better results.

The image on the right of the screen will serve as an example. In this case, the five cards obtained have been: 2 tens, one seven and 2 four. This means that before discarding any card, we already have a winning hand: double pairs .

You could take risks and make other discards, but the most sensible strategy says to keep both pairs and discard 7. This, at least, will win you with the double pairs hand. Hopefully, you could get the Full House hand .

Although it is true that combinations could be complicated, there are predefined strategies available on the Internet that can serve as a guide. Therefore, you will not have to waste a lot of time researching the best strategy , but you will be able to find and choose the ones that you like the most.


Each video poker game has a specific pay table . Sometimes even the same game can contain several different pay tables. Many players may not give importance to this aspect. However, knowing the pay table in video poker is as important as having a game strategy.

In fact, the pay table is so important that it is responsible for determining the house edge . Therefore, choosing a video poker game with one or another type of pay table will have crucial relevance in the development of the hands.

So much so that, even using a correct strategy, if the pay table is not adequate, the house advantage would increase against the player.

So, we recommend that you know the best pay tables for each game. From there, find the best strategy for these games and bet only when you have the best pay tables at your disposal.

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Finally, another aspect to consider when playing video poker is the available bonuses and promotions . Although these offers do not always have to be directly related to a particular video poker game, they are related to the casino where you play that game.

These promotions are valid for both new clients and registered users. So, you can benefit from them in both situations. Also think that any bonus will help you play for longer using real money. This, in the long run, means greater chances of winning .

On the other hand, there may be specific bonuses for video poker games. These promotions will allow you to obtain certain benefits with which to bet on a specific video poker game. Many of them come in the form of free spins.

So, and to conclude, we encourage you to regularly check if your casino has these offers and promotions. Take a look at the games they qualify for and start enjoying videopoker games much more.

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