How to choose the perfect slot

Selecting the perfect slot for you can become an adventure. If we analyze the immense number of possibilities, both in number and in types, we could certainly spend hours and even days searching.

This is further complicated if you are a novice player, who has never played a slot or has done so on rare occasions and is unaware of the large number of these existing games.

With this article, we wanted to reduce the search time that you would have to use, for which we are going to show you the options available in three major blocks : slots in physical casinos or online slots, free slots or real money slots, classic slots or themed slots.


The first thing a user must decide is whether they prefer to play at an online casino or a real casino. This decision is of great importance, since there are many differences between playing on the Internet than playing in a physical casino room.

Playing in a real casino has an obvious appeal: you will be gambling in a crowded room, with its own setting, with background music, bright lights and sounds of slot machines. It is certainly an exciting feeling.

However, it lacks the many advantages of an online casino page . This type of casinos avoids the player many problems, such as: having to move, being dressed in a certain way, making a high financial investment, adjusting to certain schedules, etc.

Any player who wants to play a few spins to an online slot can do so at an internet casino at any time. In this way, you can bet affordable amounts of money, without having to prepare for the occasion, from the place you want and at the time of day or night you want.

Similarly, these casinos offer two ways to play online slots for free, allowing you to start playing without using your money. First of all, you will be able to play the demo version of some slot machines. On the other hand, you can use the welcome bonus, promotions and offers to accumulate money with which to play completely free.

So, our recommendation is that you try to play in an online casino , since it will always be much easier and less expensive than playing in a physical casino, where everything is more complicated and expensive.


Playing free slots or betting real money is another decision that a casino player must make before participating in these games.

And, it is an important decision, since you must choose between using money or not. Playing free slots is the best option for novice players, since they can start playing without using their own money. This is a great advantage at first, when inexperienced users make many mistakes that could make them lose money.

On the other hand, this modality of free slots allows bettors to practice with different games they do not know and learn their characteristics, combinations and particularities. That is, knowing in detail how a slot works to increase your chances of winning.

Playing slots with real money , on the other hand, is much more convenient for experienced players, with knowledge of these games and experience in certain slots.

This is so because these users are already prepared to earn money playing these casino games thanks to their background in the sector. It would not make much sense to play slots without betting real money being an expert player, since this would be a waste of time.

Our advice is to start playing free slots to gain some experience to these games. When you know more about the general operation of the slots, then it will be time to bet on games with real money.


Finally, slot players must choose between classic games and games with innovative themes. This is another important decision, since it involves aspects related to the prizes.

The classic slots usually have three reels and one payline and have the popular fruit symbols and letters, as well as the Icon Bar and 7 of fortune, which usually correspond to the wild symbol and scatter.

The operation of these slots is very simple and everything runs smoothly, making them suitable for inexperienced players.

The themed slots , meanwhile, are more innovative, so they have more complex features. To begin with, depending on the topic they deal with, the symbols will correspond to one or the other images.

Similarly, it is possible to find thematic slots with 3 or 5 reels, and even some with a larger combination of reels. In addition, they have a greater number of payment lines than the classic ones. This increases the possible winning combinations.

Our recommendation is that if you are a player with little experience with these slot games, choose to play the classic games. Once you have increased your experience and become familiar with the classic slots, it will be time then to play the themed slots.


To finish, we will summarize all of the above, with our recommendation for both novice and expert players.

In the case of being a novice player , we recommend that you start playing online slots, which are free and characterized by their simplicity. This will help you better understand the operation of the game without any risk.

If you are already an expert player , our advice is to play slots in a physical casino or online slots. In the case of playing the latter, always choose to play real money slots with different themes.

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