11 Best alternative websites of MoviesFlix

In the modern world, everyone is striving for a better life. To get that lifestyle, we keep ourselves busy work. That is because, behind our minds, we have it very clear that we earn well, we are going to live well and give a better future to our next generation. Amidst all these, we have become so busy that we hardly get time for ourselves and end up feeling frustrated. Many of the times, our plans for travel or outings get cancelled due to time constraints as we are so engrossed with our office work. During such times, short entertainment can enlighten our mood and cut the string of boredom from our life. Travel and outing require a lot of time, but watching your favorite movie or web series would take just a couple of hours, which we can spare from our daily routine.

Availability becomes a constraint for entertainment. You might be wondering as to where can you watch your favorite movies or other entertaining items whenever you want. That is because the cable channels or the other streaming services might not be always featuring your favorite items. With the internet facility in place, several options for movie watching have emerged. The pirated website of MoviesFlix is of the options you can explore to watch any number of movies per day. The collection of the website is so huge that you will get every movie here. You do not have to wait for long once a new movie is released as you will find it here within a week of its release. The website can be accessed on any of the smart devices and hence can be carried from one place to the other. You have the freedom to watch movies anytime anywhere.

The website of MoviesFlix is a pirated website. The contents that you see on the website are stolen from the copyrighted owners and they have to face a major loss due to the leakage of the movies. MoviesFlix is doing an illegal job by portraying the copyright content on their website slyly. Hence, the Government can restrict the website at any point in time, and you should be aware of the alternative websites that can help you during the time of crisis. Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the names of the other websites, which are equally capable as MoviesFlix.

What is MoviesFlix?

When you want to watch movies rather than getting bored, you should thoroughly explore the site of MoviesFlix. There are hundreds and thousands of movies to choose from and you will never fall short of choices. MoviesFlix emerged in 2011 and it has managed to bag immense favor from its users. This is an illegal website that allows you to stream and download movies with just a few clicks. This website is stocked with the latest flicks as well as the old age movies. You can find exactly the one that you have been craving for. The site provides movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, and many more.

Downloading movies from such illegal websites is a crime, however, the huge collection that the website possesses attracts heavy traffic every day. The original site of MoviesFlix has been banned by the Indian Government a long time ago. However, the website has been able to continue successfully because it has been changing the domain names. Apart from movies, you would also find numerous TV shows, web series, and documentaries on this website. MoviesFlix is the whole package of entertainment available on your smart devices. The contents of the website are available in various formats, amongst which the HD format is the most popular one. When you watch movies on HD format, you do not miss the experience of the theatres.

Legalities of the website

The advantages of the website are many; however, there are certain drawbacks also. The website is an illegal website that is that works like destroying agents of the movie-making industries. By leaking the new releases on the website, they are becoming a threat to the moviemakers, as they are not able to make estimated profits from the movies. Studies say that the film industry bears a loss of around 1800 crores every year due to such a plagiarized website. Therefore, it is better to prohibit the usage of websites like MoviesFlix as their work is not supported by the laws of our country.

Features of MoviesFlix

To let you know more about the website of MoviesFlix, we have sorted some of the appealing features below:

  • The interface and the structure of the website are amazing. It is so user-friendly that anyone who is not technically sound would be able to access it with ease. The brilliant design of the website would allow you to find your favorite item on the website without too much searching.
  • The different formats that are available for movie downloading and streaming are 720p, 1080p, and 320p. You can choose as per your need. 720p and 1080p are the HD resolutions and they are bigger files than 320p. The site is one of the fast-growing movie sites because of the various services.
  • The site is updated at certain intervals so that the bugs and glitches of the previous versions are removed. That is the reason; you would be able to get the best movie-watching experience here on MoviesFlix. There would be no unnecessary bugs to crash the website now and then.
  • There is an app version available for MoviesFlix. When you use the app, it becomes easier to navigate and find the movies you want to watch. The app is of very small size and doesn’t occupy much space on your device.
  • The servers of MoviesFlix are super-fast and that is useful in various ways. You can open the site with great speed and the movies get downloaded quickly. This feature saves much of your time.

How to download movies on MoviesFlix?

With a few easy steps, you would be easily able to download movies from MoviesFlix. We have described the steps for you in an easy-to-understand description. If you follow them, downloading movies wouldn’t be tough at all.

First, you need to seek out for the active site of MoviesFlix. As they keep changing domains often, you need to trace a working domain so that you can reach the homepage of MoviesFlix.

After you manage to step on the home page, search out for the movie that you want to download. You may either use the search bar by typing in the name of the movie. If you are unsure about the name, then you can search the several categories available on the website to get the stuff that you want.

When you have found the movie, you will find the download button below the name of the movie. You just need to click it and select the format in which your movie to be downloaded. After you choose the format, you will be redirected to a new page where the movie link would be displayed.

Click on the link and direct the path where you want the movie to be downloaded. Then the movie would start downloading and will finish off within a few minutes.

Latest movies streaming on the website

The movie-making business is a never-ending procedure. They release multiple movies per year, which gain wholesome popularity and money. The industry of entertainment is huge it never stops. The recent releases that you can find on MoviesFlix are mentioned below:

  • Jumanji
  • Glass
  • Bloodshot
  • Born To Race
  • Priest
  • Outlander
  • Bad Boys for Life
  • Parasite
  • Do little
  • Birds of Prey
  • Commando 3
  • The War
  • Jawaani Jaaneman
  • Pati Patni Aur Who
  • Super 30

10 best alternatives of MoviesFlix

As mentioned earlier as well, the website of MoviesFlix is plagiarized. The website is indeed a boon for many people, especially the ones who are not able to reach the theaters for some reason. However, there are dark sides too. The content that you see on the website is not created or owned by the website. They are taken from the original owners without their consent. Therefore, the Government is constantly trying to bring down these websites and stop their business. If at all MoviesFlix gets banned, you wouldn’t be able to watch the movies if you are unaware of the alternative websites mentioned below.

1. FZMovies

Due to the constraint of time, most of the people avoid going to the theatres. Instead, they prefer watching the latest movies at home. The truth is that no other streaming service can show the newest releases quicker than FZMovies.

The website uploads the movies within one week after they are released. The picture clarity of all the contents of the website is excellent. When you watch movies on FZMovies, you get the look and feel of watching movies at the theatres.

The site allows you to watch movies online as well as gives you the option to download them. FZMovies has a mobile application also which is compatible with all windows and android smartphones. The download speed of the website is quite reliable, and you do not need any subscriptions.

2. RdxHD Movies

Movies often work as a great stress buster. When you are damn tired working the whole day, watching a good movie can cool down your nerves and you become stress-free. If you want to enjoy your favorite movie at your convenient time, you should explore the site of RdxHD Movies.

This an illegal movie streaming website that would delight you with unparalleled services. Not only movies, but the site is loaded with a huge collection of web series, TV shows, documentaries, news, and many more.

You will find movies of every language and they are categorized very neatly. The interface of RdxHD Movies is user-friendly and it can be accessed from any laptops, PCs, and smartphones. There is a short piece of description for every content on the website.

3. HDmoviePlus 

There is hardly anyone on this earth who dislikes watching movies. Everyone enjoys movies and wants to stay updated with the latest releases. HDmoviePlus an illegal movie platform that allows you to watch all kinds of Bollywood, Hollywood, Telegu, and Tamil movies.

You would be able to watch the latest movies of all the languages in HD picture quality. The website of HDmoviePlus has the best WordPress theme, which attracts many users. The theme gets adapted to any of the smart devices and lots of customizations are available here.

The website is equipped with the ‘Disqus comment system’ and it is one of the most popular commenting systems on the web. It helps the users to comment and build loyalty with the publishers. The interface of HDmoviePlus is also quite simple and easy-to-navigate.

4. Dvdwap 

When you avail of the public conveyance, you waste lots of time doing nothing. Travelling makes you go into a lethargic mode. You can utilize this time and get refreshed by watching the movies of your choice.

The pirated website of Dvdwap would help you to watch several kinds of movies anywhere. The website attracts its viewers by stocking up a huge collection of Malayalam and Tamil movies as these movies have gained popularity in recent years.

As you browse through the website you would get to know how easy the interface is. The interface is straightforward, so that people of any age group can easily access it. The website allows you to either stream the movies and watch it online or download them to your device and watch it later.

5. Yesmovies 

If you are a hard-core movie buff and love to watch movies on the go, then you should keep the shortcut of Yesmovies handy on your smartphone. Yesmovies is one of the popular sites that offer uncountable movies of different languages, TV shows, web series, and many more entertaining items to its viewers.

The users can access the website free of cost and there is no need for any registrations. There are restrictions on using this website; therefore you should use a VPN technology while accessing it.

The directory of the movies is huge on Yesmovies and you would find any movie you want. The website has an app version for the convenience of the users. Both the app and website are regularly updated to fix bugs.

6. Openload 

At times we get bored from scrolling the phone over and over again. There comes a saturation point when there are no new things on the news feed. Instead of scrolling the phone, a better way to pass the time is by watching movies.

However, all the movies aren’t available on web streaming sites or the cable channels. You wouldn’t have to think twice if you know about Openload. The website has a huge number of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. You will also find movies of various regional languages and their dubbed versions.

The website has a comfortable layout and the interface is very well designed. The servers of the website are quite fast and have great download speed. Openload uses very little data for all its downloads.

7. Jattmovies

India is occupied by a big lot of movie buffs. They not only love the movies, but they also worship the actors. In such a country the illegal website of Jattmovies has a huge role to play.

The pirated movie download website has gained immense popularity over the web because of the different kinds of movies that it has. You will find movies of all languages, genres, era, and culture here. You can anytime watch the desired movie and listen to the preferred songs with a single click on your smart devices.

There is no need for any subscription to access the website of Jattmovies. Jattmovies is also available as a mobile application, which has more advanced features for the convenience of the users. The website and app would always provide you uninterrupted services.

8. 8XFilms

8XFilms is one of the many illegal movie websites that have emerged in recent times. When you open up the website of 8XFilms, you will feel like you have opened up a new world of entertainment.

The website features movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, Marathi Telegu, Punjabi, and Tamil. Apart from movies, it hosts several web series, documentaries, and TV shows. You would be able to watch all the web series that you get on Netflix, Amazon, and other paid streaming sites.

Every content of 8XFilms is free of cost and there are no separate charges to download it. As the website is pirated, make sure you use a good anti-virus while accessing the website of 8XFilms. The website leaks every new movie within a few days of its release.

9. Putlocker

The movies take us to an imaginative world, where everything is beautiful and there are no tensions. That is the reason, people love watching movies and gets relief from everyday hotchpotch.

Putlocker is one such website that takes you to the beautiful world at the time you want. You can enjoy watching any number of movies without spending a bomb at the theatres. The home page of the website is practically designed so that you get to see all the categories and the search bar as soon as you enter the site.

The latest movies are highlighted on the top of the page so that it attracts your attention. The website allows you to watch videos both in standard and high definition qualities. You can choose as per your need.

10. Babahd

Babahd is a pirated movie website that has innumerable movies to its collection. The website is based out of the USA and runs its illegal business from there. The website has contents for all age groups and can be accessed easily provided you have a good internet connection.

Babahd has movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Bengali, and Punjabi languages. The search bars and the filters available on the web page make your search journey easier. The contents are segregated as per language and genre, so that you may enter the category you desire to watch.

The interface of the website is user-friendly and you need not be tech-savvy to access the website thoroughly. The website has become very popular because of the diverse range of entertaining items that it possesses.

11. BestWap

Bestwap brings to you the best collections of all times. With this site’s amazing variety of contents, this site is sure to provide you with the best movie-watching experience. The site’s innumerable contents comprise movies, documentaries, short films, trailers, music videos, and everything you need to keep yourself entertained. This site is sure to never disappoint its users. From quality to quantity, the site remains unparalleled when it comes to providing quality services. You will get here movies covering every genre, language, era, culture, and theme. Moreover, the site’s user-friendly interface has further helped people in navigating through this site easily.


Piracy of the original content is an offense under Indian law. We assure you that we strongly oppose piracy and do not encourage people to watch movies using the pirated website. The article is written only to impart information about the websites. We request the people to become more responsible citizens of our country and diminish the existence of piracy. There are consequences that the user has to face the do not abide by the rules and regulations of the country.


What are the various categories available on the site of MoviesFlix? 

MoviesFlix is well stacked with innumerable movies and other entertaining items. Some of the categories that you could find on the website are Tamil HD, Malayalam HD, Hollywood dubbed, mp3 videos, mp3 songs, and old Bollywood dubbed movies.

Should I always use MoviesFlix to watch movies?

 No, you should avoid using MoviesFlix to watch movies. MoviesFlix is an illegal website where all the contents are pirated. The website also can steal your device’s information and data.

Are there any legal alternatives to MoviesFlix?

 Yes, there are many legal alternatives available on the internet. Some of them are Prime Video, Netflix, PopCornFlix, Hulu, and IceMovie. You can catch the new movies at the theatres.

Does MoviesFlix have an app version?

 Yes, there is an app version available for MoviesFlix. It is more convenient to use. The app is updated regularly so that there are no bugs in it to disturb your movie-watching experience.

Why is MoviesFlix popular?

 The site is mainly popular because all the contents of the website are in HD picture quality. The website also has a huge collection of movies and other entertaining items.



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