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How to play poker: main attractions of the game

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The poker remains one of the tournaments most traditional in the casino sector. There are several reasons for this.

One of them is that there are different variants of the game , which makes each player find the type of poker that suits him best.

On the other hand, having a strategic component , it becomes a very attractive game for those users who do not want to leave their options to win. Even the variant of the video poker, which requires less strategic capacity, does not depend entirely on chance.

On the other hand, competing against other players and not against the house or the casino , is always an incentive for the most competitive bettors.

In the end, poker is a casino game in which winning or losing depends largely on the abilities of the users .

This is something that does not happen in the rest of games, where chance plays an essential role. So, considering the above, we will describe in more detail how poker is played and why it is so attractive .


Within the types of poker available we can find several options. Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Triple Draw, Caribbean Poker or Chinese Poker are some of them. However, we will now describe the most important one: Texas Hold´em.


This is the most popular poker game on the entire planet. You should learn how Texas Hold’em poker is played if you want to participate in the main tournaments on today’s world scene. WSOP (World Series of Poker), WPT (World Poker Tour) or EPT (European Poker Tour) are the main poker tournaments that are played in this modality.

To start, each player will be dealt 2 cards that only he can see. Next, the dealer will show 3 community cards to all players. Later it will show one more and when finalizing a last letter of five in total. With these cards and the 2 that were dealt at the beginning, each player must form the best possible hand consisting of 5 cards .

Before revealing the hand, each user will have the possibility to stay in the game by placing the bets he deems appropriate. This part has to do with two options. First of all, the order of betting. This is determined by ” the blinds “, which are mandatory bets that change with each hand.

On the other hand, we have to consider the amount wagered . If a player “raises” the bet, all other players must “call” the bet to stay in the game. Otherwise, they must withdraw from the hand, consequently losing the money wagered.

All the money that is bet will be accumulated in a pot , which will be taken by the player or players with a better hand.


The types of bets available in poker are varied. This is a great benefit as it allows users with limited or much higher bankroll to play the game . In other words, it accepts any type of player , regardless of the money they have.

Thus, there will be tables where the “small blind” is paid at $ 0.01 and others where it is $ 0.25. Between these two amounts, there are multiple options among which are: $ 0.02, $ 0.05 and 0.10. In relation to the “big blind” we can find: $ 0.02, $ 0.05, $ 0.10, $ 0.20, $ 0.25 and $ 0.50.


While luck plays a major role in most casino games , poker is a game that falls outside the norm. Chance is an aspect always present in poker, but there is another element that has an even greater role. It’s about strategy .

The deal of the cards has to do with the luck factor of the game. No player decides which cards to play with. However, you do choose how you will use it. That is, it decides on the strategy to follow .

In this sense, on many occasions, the strategy we use may have greater relevance even than the cards available. Knowing when to fold or when to raise the bet are part of a winning strategy.

Finally, to understand the value of strategy in poker, we could even talk about its application in videopoker . In this game, which has both poker and slot features, making decisions based on smart strategy will help you improve your chances of winning.

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