Short on cash? Some advice on how to roll in a casino

roll in a casino

Let’s start with a disclaimer: this article gives friendly advice about how you can increase your chances in any casino. However, we do not guarantee anything. But bottomline is that even with a small amount of money you can win amazing prizes.

We can’t speak of prosperous times. The pandemic has forced us to avoid public places, stall social gatherings and stay inside as much as possible. The things we used to do have become impossible, while the effects of the restrictions on the job market and economy have been devastating. But it’s not all bad news. Although we are forced to sit inside and can’t visit the places we love, for example a casino, and although we might be short on cash due to the financial impact of the pandemic, there is still hope.

Because, as the avid gambler must know, there is much more to the casino world than the brick-and-mortar casinos. We are speaking of course of the online casino! Those amazing game websites are still alive and kicking, have still not managed to bore us and are still offering amazing games. What those websites are also promising are amazing sums of money to be won at their games. Every regular player must know these promises are mere publicity, with the solemn goal of making you play more and increasing the casino’s profits. However, you can actually win at an online casino if you stick to certain rules. Rules we have tested in a Holland online casino and which have proven very useful to use. Here we go:

Know what you are playing

Know the rules of the game. Why take the risk of losing money on mistakes you could’ve avoided if you knew what you were doing? Besides, online casinos often offer the opportunity to try out a game for free. This way you get to know the game, you can become familiar with the rules. You even play with money, but with free casino money, to simulate an online casino game and prepare yourself for the real deal.

Shoot low

Its basic math: the probability of winning something on 10 bets of €1 is higher than with 1 bet of €10. Especially if you are on a low budget, you should not go all-in on what seems an attractive bet. To enjoy more playing time and at the same time avoid losing much money, it’s better to play with smaller stakes. Also, avoid betting strategies. No single betting strategy has been proven to work, and even if it works once or twice its probably a matter of luck instead of wisdom.

Explore the bonus

Every online casino offers bonuses. A registration bonus for newbies, a deposit bonus to encourage you to put some money in your account, name it and the bonus exists. Some players avoid these bonuses, thinking they won’t win anything with it. Completely untrue: even with some free spins you can win something, and by winning something you can win big later! And even if you don’t win anything with for example free spins, they still give you the possibility to play and practice, which has its value too.

Play progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are an interesting phenomenon. A chain of slots, often in various online casinos, connected to one jackpot that grows and grows until one lucky winner claims it all. People have won millions of euros on these innovative machines, and you could be one of them! Dream big, play small and hopefully, you win a lot!

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