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Clearing gambling bonuses is a strategy that your mainly uses to release welcome bonuses trying to ensure maximum bets. Find out how to clean bonds with practical examples.

We all know that bookmakers offer us welcome bonuses with which they reward the initial deposit -or deposits- of users. It is a good way to attract customers, extra money to play but, at first, is not ours. To convert the bonus balance into real money, certain conditions must be met, which is popularly known as “releasing the bonus”. If you don’t, you risk losing the bonus when it expires and any possible winnings you have made with it; and to minimize the risk many users choose to clear bonds .

What does clean welcome bonuses mean

Clearing the bonuses is a strategy to release the welcome bonus from sure bets or surebets . If you look closely at the terms and conditions of the welcome bonuses, practically all bookmakers prevent users from releasing the bonus by making contradictory bets, so that to implement this strategy we will need to register with several bookmakers at the same time and take advantage of the different welcome bonuses that they offer us. Clearing bonuses at a single bookmaker doesn’t make any sense, as your bets won’t meet the bonus release requirements.

Types of bonds

Generally, there are two types of welcome bonus . On the one hand, we have the bookmakers that offer us a percentage of what we have deposited in the form of a bonus, with offers such as “100% of your first deposit up to € 200”. On the other hand, there are bookies that offer us free bets with the initial deposit , some freebets that are released as we are betting. Cleaning the bonds is a strategy that can be useful in both cases, although it is easier to apply it if the two bonds are the same.

Beyond these offers, there are other bookmakers that instead of this type of promotions have offers such as a safe first bet , giving us a bonus if we have lost the first bet. It is not a refund itself, since the voucher will be subject to certain conditions. Something similar happens with the bonuses of some promotions beyond the welcome bonus, they are subject to a rollover , and in these cases we can also try to clean the bonuses to reduce the risk of betting.

What do I need to know to release a welcome bonus

Logically, the first thing you need is to register with two bookmakers . Try to both have similar bonuses, so that you can release the bonuses practically at the same time. Keep in mind that the objective, rather than winning, is to stop earning as little as possible , which is the key to making the most of these offers and clearing the bonuses. Therefore, four key aspects must be assessed:

  • Betting limits : both those established by the bookmaker and your own. You have to bet the same amount in both bookmakers, and if we have bet an amount X in the first bookmaker but then we cannot bet the same amount in the second, we have a big problem.
  • Sport : a priori, soccer is the simplest sport … although the bets are 1X2. Tennis would be the ideal sport by number of daily matches, but we risk that a tennis player retires, something relatively frequent. If so, you have to know what happens to bets when a tennis player retires . Make sure to use two bookmakers with the same conditions when a match is canceled.
  • Available markets : the terms and conditions of the bond specify which markets count for the rollover and which ones are excluded. Many times they prevent us from using Asian handicaps or over / under bets . Check that the market that you are going to use to clear bonuses in both bookmakers counts towards the release of the bonus.
  • Make the most of the bonus : bookmakers offer us welcome bonuses “up to X euros”. Although it is a significant outlay, and more so if we use two bookmakers, it is always preferable to try to make the most of the bonus. If they give us 100, give us 100 and not 10, since in the long term the benefit we obtain will be higher and this is a bonus that we can only enjoy once.

The liquidity available in the markets is also a factor to take into account, but it is a secondary matter. For the strategy to work, you have to look for two bonuses that are as similar as possible, and this implies being able to make the same bet but in contradictory markets in two different bookmakers.

How to clear welcome bonuses + example

Finding a surebet is not as easy as it seems, but it is true that sometimes we find considerable differences between bookmakers . Bookies with less margin, houses that take time to apply changes in fees, etc. We have just made our first deposit in both bookies, which we will call Bookmaker A and Bookmaker B, and the first objective will be to find a bet that allows us to transfer balance from one bookmaker to another to clear the bonus.

In a perfect scenario, it would be a bet that does not leave losses, although it is most likely that we will have to settle for a bet where we stop winning as little as possible. The time you have to clear the bonus is also important, as you can wait more or less to place bets to clear bonuses. After locating the bet, we assign the amount to bet to one of the teams in bookie A.

Next, we calculate how much to bet on the second bookmaker B using the formula “Potential win in bookie A / bet odds” and place it. Let’s see it more graphically with an example:

  • Bookmaker A : Blue team wins @ 2.00; Red team win or draw @ 1.72
  • Bookmaker B : Blue team wins @ 2.05; Red team win or draw @ 1.92

Assuming we want to clear / release a € 100 bonus, the steps to follow would be the following:

  • Step 1 : we bet € 100 at Bookmaker A on the victory of the Azul team. The potential profit is € 200
  • Step 2 : we calculate how much to bet at Bookmaker B on the victory of the Red team or a draw so as not to lose money. Potential win in bookie A / bet odds = 200 / 1.92 = 104.16.
  • Step 3 : we bet € 104.16 at Bookmaker B on the victory of the Red team or a draw. The potential profit is € 199.98.
  • Step 4 : if the Blue team wins, we are flat (€ 200 won – € 200 bet = € 0); if the Red team wins or they draw we lose 2 cents (€ 199.98 won – € 200 bet = € 0.02)

Whatever happens, you are very close to releasing the bonds and also the operation has come out flat or we have had losses of only 2 cents. We are much closer to covering the rollover in both cases, and the balance adding the balance in both bookmakers is the same as before the match.

Once the bet is resolved, you have to continue playing to complete the rollover and release the bonus . You can repeat the strategy as many times as you want until you meet the bonus rotation. It may be that in a bookmaker the balance is much higher, but if we add the money of both we find a similar amount to what we had at the beginning … in addition to a welcome bonus that we can finally withdraw .

In the hypothetical case of releasing one bonus before the other because they have a different rollover, you can continue with the strategy of clearing bonuses by betting to cover the rollover in one bookmaker and real money in the other . In this case, you should bet the actual balance on the most probable option and the bonus balance on the underdog . Thus, you make a good profit with the favorite in real balance in a bookie (€ 200 in house A, following the example); and if the underdog wins you will have that good win in the form of a bonus but you will be closer to completing the release.


Many times it is recommended to clear bonuses to beginner users to have a good bank with which to start betting. However, it is not a strategy as simple as it seems since we have to control all kinds of variables : terms and conditions of the bonus, search for value bets to take advantage of the surebet, bet limits, calculate the second bet, differentiate between real balance and bonus balance … Therefore, it may be a more recommended strategy for medium or advanced users, who control these issues.

Being registered with several bookmakers has quite a few benefits , and one of them is the ability to effectively clear bonuses. It is not a 100% infallible strategy, but if we manage it correctly we have a 99.99% chance that it will succeed and make our bank grow . From there, we can decide to withdraw the money deposited to receive the bonus and bet only with the winnings that we have accumulated while cleaning the bonuses.

Even at the risk of sounding repetitive, it is very important to review again and again the bonus conditions offered by the bookmakers in order to design a good bond cleaning strategy. We can apply this strategy in the most popular sports, but also look for bets to win in minority sports or lower divisions whenever we find that margin between bookies that makes the bet profitable.

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