Casino bonus

Casino bonus

One of the many advantages that you get as a player in a casino is bonuses. You get a bonus by registering, in campaigns and in the loyalty programs in the casinos. The bonuses are great advantages that you as a player can take advantage of.

Where do you find the big bonuses?

All the big online casinos use the welcome bonus as bait for you and I to come and play in that particular casino. In order to succeed in the competition for your and my attention, this welcome bonus must stand out a little or in any case not be less than other bonuses. Welcome bonus is something that all online casinos have and which gives you the freedom to try out some of the games before you pay to play. You can also get additional welcome bonuses by visiting sites that review casinos, where an extra bonus is often awarded to those who want to play.

What is a loyalty program?

Since the competition for players is so great, most online casinos have a loyalty program. The loyalty programs aim to shower those who play regularly with solid bonuses in the form of free spins, free games or other goodies in the casino. This form of bonus is often given out together with a deadline, so here it is either important to be early or to at least be able to use the bonus before the deadline expires. The loyalty program can be progressive in that the more frequently you visit, your visits are registered and you get the rewards more often. But mostly, the loyalty programs are more about you visiting the casino regularly than you are there often, so you will be rewarded anyway for visiting.

What promotions can I expect?

This is where the online casinos are really creative. It’s not something they haven’t invented a campaign for. Most casinos have their own pages with overviews of the campaigns being run and here you can see just a little of all the creativity behind it. Not only will you be amply rewarded for the strangest occurrences, but you can also be thoroughly entertained too. Several of the campaigns are used to steer us players into where the casinos want us. If, for example, there is a new game in the casino, you can expect a fun campaign here that allows you to get to know the game well at your leisure. Other times campaigns are run to get players to play on a Monday instead of a Saturday in order to distribute the online traffic to the casino a little more evenly. While other times the campaigns are just for fun.

Find your bonuses and use them!

Welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses are something that you mostly automatically get and even though several have a “best before” date, these are not bonuses that you can miss. In some casinos you still have to register for a loyalty bonus, so it’s a good idea to check when you register as a player whether you have to register additionally to participate in the loyalty program. It doesn’t cost anything extra to join here, so it’s a good idea to just register there right away so it’s done. Other bonuses you may have to track down yourself. If you don’t sign up for the newsletter, you have to do the work yourself. Then it’s a good idea to look at the campaign pages of the casinos you play in, regularly, to see if the campaigns suit you and your playing style. It is important to know that most bonuses may have a deadline or may also have a turnover requirement tied to the bonus.

Turnover requirement or deadline

When a wagering requirement is attached to a bonus, this means that you must wager such and such an amount before you can withdraw any winnings you win from this bonus. This is usually stated in numbers, in percentages or in kroner. The bonus can also meet a deposit from you with percentages, so that if you deposit NOK 1,000, the equivalent NOK 1,000 is deposited from the casino and you must play this amount x number of times before you can withdraw your prize in the form of of money. Then it is a little less complicated with the deadlines. Here it works so that, for example, you can be awarded 100 free spins and you must use these before the end of this or that month. Simple and clear. What the bonuses with wagering requirements and deadlines have in common is precisely that they are quite lucrative and a great advantage for the player.

Bonus for winning

There are many bonuses that you as a player can take great advantage of and one of these advantages is that you actually win while playing with the help of the bonuses. Either you win more free spins or other advantages in the game, or you are lucky enough to win the pot itself. Either or. The bonuses are there to be used!

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