Live casino

Live casino

Since the early 2000s, you have been able to play casino online, but it is only in recent years that online casino games have become so hugely popular. Much of the reason for this probably lies in the fact that the casinos have kept up with the technological development, but also because since the early beginnings there have been safer frameworks in the form of licenses and secure transactions. Now you can safely enter an online casino and know that the framework around the game is in place just like everything else.

Play live

One of the things that technological development has brought with it, which we now enjoy very much, is that we can play live in casinos, i.e. play in the present. This brings with it a whole host of benefits. You can chat with a host or hostess, you can chat with your fellow players and you can win in the present. This gives you a unique experience that only the real casino can surpass. Now you can develop playing strategies, follow the odds and see what is happening here and now in the virtual casino.

A very large selection of games

What is the absolute advantage of an online casino over a casino in the real world is the huge space. A virtual casino can accommodate infinitely more games than a casino building in the real world. The options are so much greater here.

Where can you find live casino online?

It is not as difficult to find a live online casino as it was around the year 2000. Now it is actually much easier. You can find the names of good live casinos in advertisements on TV, online or in cinemas, and you know straight away that these are proper gaming websites. More and more Norwegian celebrities are lining up for these campaigns, precisely to show you where to go to play in an online casino. But, if you haven’t seen one of these campaigns or if you don’t remember the name, you can just google a “live casino” and you will get an answer. Then it’s a good idea to check the seriousness of the casino you want to play live in. You can check this by looking at the license and by looking at how the transactions are transferred. Here, they should preferably be encrypted.

Good bonuses

You should also look for good bonuses. Because all the good casinos entice with both good campaigns and good bonuses. This is something you can expect and is part of the casinos’ way of getting you to play with them. In addition, there is a method to make you stay. There are also good collection sites where you can find additional bonuses that can be profitable to take with you further into a live casino.

Play in a live casino

When you have found the casino that you want to play in, you can test play. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to create a gaming account. Then you register with the casino and a serious casino will take good care of your personal information. This is also where you receive your welcome bonus, where you can find promotions over time and where you accumulate loyalty points. However, it is primarily through this gaming account that you can play in the casino. Here you have your wallet and here you have the prizes that you win over time.

Choose where you want to play

You can choose whether you want to download one or more games on your mobile or tablet, or whether you want to play on PC or Mac. It should be easy to download on your mobile. If you enter the casino in the browser on your mobile, this is automatically detected and you will be offered to download. The casino also knows whether you have an iPhone or Android. Thus, all you have to do is confirm and the correct software will be downloaded to your mobile. This means you can take the casino with you in your pocket and play exactly when and where you want. If you want to play live, you must have coverage, but you can also play other games when you do not have coverage.


It is not certain that there were that many people who saw this development in the early 2000s, but some understood even then that we were going to use mobile phones for so much more than just making calls and sending messages. That it should also be able to stream TV or bring a live casino to you where you are, perhaps only those in the industry understood and could foresee. The lucky thing for us is that they were right.

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