Why play at a casino?

play at a casino

The casino industry is huge and constantly developing. The market is bigger than many realise, and that results in the offer getting better and better. To ensure you the best, rawest and freshest offers, we collaborate with mamacasinos.com to give you maximum profit. We live in a time where we have access to incredible amounts of entertainment, and playing at a casino is of course just this, but with the bonus that it is possible to win money. This undoubtedly makes casino games a few notches closer to reality than, for example, normal computer games, as what you do at the casino can actually have consequences for real life. Thus, one can conclude that the online casino is a kind of fusion between a virtual and a real reality. Perhaps this is part of the reason why the phenomenon has become so popular?

How to choose games?

For new players, there is a lot to get used to before starting the casino adventure. First and foremost, it is crucial to find out what you think is fun – casino should always be fun, and if it is no longer, you should stop immediately. The vast majority of online casinos offer free games, and it can be a good idea to test out the games you want to try there, before you possibly move on to real money games. Then you can easily find out how the games work, make mistakes without consequences and even strategize.

There are countless options out there. Firstly, we have the slot machines; possibly the very largest part of the casino offer. Here you will find both standard slot machines similar to those found in bars in the old days, as well as new and more developed concepts based on, for example, movies or fairy tales. Furthermore, there are the traditional casino games such as blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat, most of which will also be found in the live casino category, where the player can see a real dealer or croupier control the game via webcam. Some casinos also offer betting on various sports, while others offer self-constructed and usually superior games and tournaments as an addition to the already mentioned.

This page is intended to help you with just that. Here you can find guides that help you understand how the various casinos and games work, tips for beginners, as well as reviews and articles with other relevant information.

How to choose a casino?

Just like games, casinos also come in many different varieties. Here it is just as important to find the necessary information in advance. All casinos have their peculiarities, and most of these are adapted to either special types of players, or designed to satisfy as many players as possible in the best possible way.

An important part of these peculiarities are the casino bonuses. Absolutely all casinos have bonuses, and bonuses come in as many varieties as there are casinos. Some will be large and look very beneficial at first glance, but tend to have higher turnover requirements than the smaller bonuses. Some bonuses will give a high percentage increase of a deposit, while others will rather emphasize free spins; preferably on already selected slot machines.

Research the bonuses in advance and find exactly the bonus that gives your playing style the best return. Remember that bonuses should not be the only reason for choosing a casino, but that they should still be taken into account.

When choosing a casino, it is certainly an advantage to have read online reviews beforehand – preferably written by real players who have already tested the casino for you. Here you will not only find information about bonuses, but also about the quality of customer service, as well as the type of games each casino offers and which players this particular casino is suitable for.


It is important to have respect for the safety that gambling at an online casino requires, and thus it is certainly always wise to look for some simple safety signs. Does it offer 24/7 customer service? How quickly do they respond? Does the casino use reputable suppliers, and do they have the license in order?

It is an advantage to examine the site thoroughly before entering personal details, something we are naturally also concerned with here at us. Our reviews are completely honest and we attach great importance to informing our readers about any bad aspects. If we suspect that something is not as it should be, we will of course try to reach as many people as possible with this information. The casino should be safe, and you should never have to worry about someone exploiting your personal information or payment information.

Fortunately, this is fine at most well-established casinos, but it is still good to read up before creating a user, preferably with a neutral third party such as this site. Technical problems are another aspect, which can obviously occur with all forms of gambling over the internet. Here, one must be able to trust that customer service will respond immediately, and possibly compensate for losses or interrupted game sessions. See reviews for more information, and note that we include a separate section on customer service in each article.

Our contribution

We want to help you get the absolute best casino experience possible, whether you’re a beginner, an expert or something in between. Here you will find everything from word explanations that help you get the jargon in place or expand your vocabulary, to the latest updates in both games and newly opened casinos.

It is important for us to emphasize that our focus is on the player, and that everything you find on this page is precisely here so that you as a player will find it as easy as possible to discover exactly what you are looking for. We want you to avoid tolls, and we want the gameplay to be magical from the first moment!

At the same time, we are concerned with helping to keep players informed about responsible gambling and not least the importance of gambling within a safe and secure framework. Each casino has a responsibility for you and the personal information you leave behind, and we particularly want to educate newcomers to be able to assess for themselves which security signs to look for.

Playing at a casino should first and foremost be entertaining, but security should go hand in hand with every spin you make, and you should not have to worry about anything other than just that!

Welcome to our carefully prepared database, – for the benefit of you and your gaming experience!

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