Which is better – Playing a Physical or Virtual Casino?

Physical casino

Physical casinos have been somewhat relegated by online casinos that are slowly beginning to win over the public. The advantage of being able to play from anywhere makes it a great way to bet, but it also has its negative points, learn about them here.

he world has been under the context of a pandemic since the end of 2019 and this has brought the world a new way to have fun and earn money. Casinos are a fantastic way to be able to play and have fun, as well as win money.

We once went to a traditional casino , although not necessarily to play. Since some casinos have bars in addition to being able to play. But, that changed a while ago when the world went into lockdown and the casinos started to close.

But it was a time of growth for the casinos too, which began to go online. Now in Colombia there are many online casinos that have become a new form of entertainment. It seems that you are in a casino in your city, but in reality you are in the comfort of your home. 

What is in favor of an online casino?

Perhaps many people who have been to casinos and are fans, do not know the online gaming modality very well. Although it comes from several years ago, but the pandemic has made the game grow in a great way. 

Although many continue to put aside playing online, because they understand that interaction with other players is lost. But, this has been solved by the bookmakers that have a large number of live casinos .

So now, you can play any casino game from the comfort of your home and interact with other people. Feeling that you are in a traditional casino, with a croupier who will always be attentive to your bets and what you need. 

This style of play is the most sought after, because even now playing against an algorithm is quite dubious for some people. Because in that case an online game is very safe and in each bookmaker they always think about the user. So do not hesitate to play, both online and live in the following modalities:

●     Poker

●     Blackjack

●     Baccarat

●     Roulette

●     Bingo

Advantages of an online casino over a traditional one

We can say that the great advantage of an online casino over a traditional casino is space. Since a casino that we all know inside a building, has a finite limit of space and can not have the number of games that you would like to have.

While an online casino has infinite space. Being able to have more than 500 games without problem. Another great advantage is the possibility for several players to play at the same time in the same game. Something that is sometimes not possible in a traditional casino, since there are a small number of slots, poker tables or blackjack games .

That in an online casino is not a problem, because all players can use the same game at the same time if they wish. Regardless of whether or not it interferes with other games, which makes it even more appealing to players. Those who know that their favorite game will always be free for them can bet.

In a physical casino, you must be dressed in a specific way, instead if you are at home; You just have to connect from the mobile device that you like the most and that’s it. Never mind what way you are dressed or in what sector of your house you are.

In addition, the bookmakers are very attractive, because they not only have a wide variety of games. They also have a very attractive welcome bonus for new users. A present that you will not get in a traditional casino and even less so for new players

There are many online casinos and Colombia is one of the most regulated countries in this area. Having many of the houses online and with physical stores throughout the country. 

Perhaps this style of play has three major disadvantages, which have been alleviated over time. For example, the houses are more vulnerable to the fact that a person under 18 years of age can bet, while they do not enter a physical casino.

But this has changed quite a bit and many bookmakers always manage to detect these frauds and immediately close the fraudulent accounts. The great con that online sites have is the lack of internet connection.

If you do not have access to it, you will not be able to play. While, in a common casino, the mere fact of going already gives you the possibility of accessing all its games.

Another disadvantage of online casinos is that there can be many fraudulent sites, which only seek to steal your personal data. That in Colombia is difficult to happen, if you decide to play in the sites endorsed by Coljuegos . Since there you will have security that they are all legal and will protect all your data.

Although, you can also access sites that do not have the authorization. Either with a VPN or without the need for this tool. But if your data is stolen, you will not be able to file a complaint. That is why it is not recommended to play on those sites and if you do so it is at your own risk. 


Playing in a traditional casino or in an online casino has its good and bad things. But, both are a great option and money is made. But just like choosing a house, it is the user who decides which one to stay with and why. So do not hesitate to enjoy playing in casinos, both physical and online.

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