What Type of Bingo Player are You?

Bingo Player

Playing online bingo has become one of the nation’s favourite online gaming pastimes. There’s just something about the balls dropping, the numbers appearing, and all the social hoo-ha around the game that draws us in. With so many bingo options available online, we can dive into many exciting bingo rooms offering big and small prizes. The game itself does not require you to have any skills, it’s all based on luck and chance, and that’s what makes the game so incredibly fun. 

In recent years we have seen many variations of the bingo rules, creating games with a unique twist that offers an extra edge of excitement. However, the concept has always remained the same, you wait for your numbers to show and punch them off your card. If you reveal a line or a full house, you win a prize. Whether you prefer the games offering huge prize potential or those bingo rooms that are all about the social aspect, there are lots of different types of bingo players out there. There are games for different bingo personalities, so let’s take a look at the different types of bingo players you can find online. 

The Social Bingo Butterfly

Let’s start with the chatterboxes out there that brighten up the bingo rooms with their endless socialising. Bingo is a social betting game, so these are guys that bring the entertainment levels up a notch. The social butterflies thrive in the bingo chat and keep the conversation flowing. A lot of these guys will enter the room for the chat and check it out before buying a ticket. 

These guys are always looking to meet fellow bingo enthusiasts and keep things chatty and fun, enhancing the competitive element. The chat is where you can ask questions, have some banter, and keep the games moving fast. 

The social bingo player is there to have a good time and is not as concerned about winning or losing. These are the true unsung heroes of the online bingo rooms. 

The Jackpot Hunter

There are many online bingo games out there and some of them offer huge jackpot prizes. The jackpot hunter is there to sniff out the biggest win potential with the most favourable ticket price. These guys look for the big games where the ticket prices are a bit more, but the jackpots can be eye-watering. 

However, chasing the biggest jackpots can become costly so it’s always worth breaking it up with some casual games with cheaper ticket prices. There are some online bingo games that offer jackpots in the hundreds with ticket prices as low as 10p, so it’s worth shopping around and seeing what you can find. These are often first-time offers, so you can sign up to some new bingo sites and take advantage of the generous welcome offers. It’s also a great way to get a feel for the platform and who knows, you may have found your new online bingo home. It’s worth noting that the odds of winning the big jackpot games with low ticket prices are much lower, so try and have a bit of fun while you play!

The No Wagering Bingo Player

The no wagering bingo player is those who look for the best bingo deals, such as bingo bonuses with no wagering requirements. This allows you to enjoy the bingo action without any risk. You can find many no wagering bingo sites out there. The online bingo industry is very competitive and so many bingo platforms will offer no wagering bonuses to entice new players to sign up. This allows you to play selected bingo games and you can keep any winnings without restrictions. These no deposit bingo bonuses are risk-free and still give you the chance to win a cash prize!

The Room Hopper

As the name suggests, this type of bingo player drifts from bingo room to bingo room. They know the game inside out and often jump on the chat feature before quickly moving on to another bingo room. The bingo room hopper is signed up and active across many different bingo platforms, keeping their options wide open. These guys will spend time observing the atmosphere before deciding if it’s a good match. This player is very much an experienced bingo gamer who is looking for a bingo room to match their mood, whether that’s a busy chat room, a big prize, or something quick and casual. 

The Bingo Veteran

The veteran is a seasoned pro that has been bouncing around the online bingo rooms for many years. The vet knows everything there is to know about bingo, including the different bingo bonuses, the best bingo sites, all bingo jargon, and so much more. These bingo pros log in every day and enjoy a cheeky game on the regular, enjoy a harmless game here and there every day. These guys are active in the chats and are happy to pass on their knowledge to other enthusiasts. These players are well respected amongst the online bingo communities.

The Bingo Newbie

The bingo newbie is a complete beginner and is dipping their toe in the world of online bingo. These rookies watch, learn, and ask questions in the chat feature. However, newbies are very much welcomed by everyone and made to feel like part of the community right away. The newbie is yet to figure out their bingo personality and will eventually become a veteran. These noobs usually pick bingo rooms based on the random attraction and cost of the ticket. If you’re a newbie, remember to not be shy and make use of the chat feature, it’s a great way to learn and meet people. 


Online bingo is getting more exciting with more games offering bigger prizes and unique twists. This betting pastime is a fun and friendly way to enjoy online gambling entertainment without breaking the bank. What’s more, the people you meet in the games make the experience all the better. So, remember to enjoy it and have fun, whatever type of bingo player you are!

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