How do casino welcome bonuses work?

casino welcome bonuses

The online casino has been a revolution in the world of gambling. The growth of casino sites in this century has been fantastic. The comforts of being able to play from anywhere and at any time have made many players join. The online game has many peculiarities of its own, one of them is the welcome bonuses in the casino .

If you plan to start playing online casino, you must have knowledge about how welcome bonuses work. You may be wondering what welcome bonuses are, or directly what a bonus is. In this article we will let you know everything about them.

Let’s start by understanding what a casino bonus means. A bonus is a gift that is offered by the house in return for the trust placed by the player.

Within these bonuses we can find welcome bonuses, but also other types. For example, recharge bonuses or seasonal specials, which aim to build customer loyalty.

Casino welcome bonuses are one of the main weapons that sites have to attract new users to their site. Of course, other aspects of the casino also play a role in getting new users to join a certain site. For example, the list of games, the security, the quality of their platforms, customer support, etc. But without a doubt, welcome promotions are essential for any casino.

All welcome bonuses have their own terms and conditions that must be taken into account. In exchange for obtaining it, you will have to meet certain requirements to transform it into real and withdrawable money.

 How are casino welcome bonuses given?

Casino welcome bonuses can be offered in a variety of ways. Each casino has its own way of giving away the promotion to new players. But there are two very distinguishable ways that are repeated in the industry.

Refund for first deposit

In many houses you will receive the bonus from a return of the first deposit made on the site. The most common return percentage is 100%, but you can find some of 50% or 150%.

Some online casinos give the entire bonus on the first deposit. While others, they are distributing it in several deposits, with different percentages of return in each one.

To get this refund you will be required to make a minimum deposit on the site. You must know the useful payment methods to get the bonus. We tell you this, since many houses do not give as valid to obtain the bonus to deposits with some specified methods.

free spins

The other way that casino sites deliver the welcome bonus is through free spins . These spins are intended only for slots, also called slots. Many casinos even allocate spins to a specific slot.

There are casinos that only offer these spins as a bonus, and others that put them as a complement to the return.

Is it advisable to use a welcome bonus?

It should be noted that the use of a welcome bonus is not mandatory in any online casino. The use or not of this promotion is a purely personal decision. But from here we suggest that if you know how to use it to suit you, it is beneficial to request it.

Before making the request, you must know in detail the terms and conditions of the promotion. To release it, you will be asked to meet a series of requirements, which we will explain later. And it is from these requirements that everything you must put into play is decided.

For this reason it is very important to investigate every detail of the bonus before requesting it. The size of your first deposit determines what comes next.

How much money do these bonuses give?

As we already told you, each house offers a particular bonus. And not only should the focus be on what is delivered, but also on how to release it. Colombia online casinos deliver from 10,000 COP to 1,000,000 COP maximum bonus.

In turn, the free spins that casinos provide are usually 50. Although most sites, they are not opting for this way of delivering the promotion to new players.

What are the requirements to meet?

In order to release the bonus that is given to you, you must comply with certain guidelines established in the terms and conditions of the promotion. The most important requirement to take into account from the beginning is the Rollover .

The Rollover requirement is what determines how much you must wager on top of the bonus amount received. Most of the casino welcome bonuses in the industry have a Rollover x30 or x35.

Let’s take a Rollover x30 as an example. In that case, if the new player receives a bonus of 50,000 COP, to release the bonus he must put 1,500,000 COP into play.

In turn, not all online games contribute in the same way to the release of the bonus. In the terms and conditions you will see a list with the games that will help you and their respective percentage. Slot games are the ones that generally have the highest contribution percentage.

In order to meet these requirements, you will have a certain period, which in most casinos is 30 days .

How to request a welcome bonus?

To request one of the casino welcome bonuses on the market, you must be over 18 years of age. You must go to one of the online casinos that are authorized by Coljuegos , and start the process.

Bookmakers usually have two strong sections, the sports betting section and the casino section. You must make sure to apply for the casino welcome promotion, as they are two completely independent promotions.

In order to have the bonus you must make your registration in the bookmaker, and a minimum deposit. Each casino has its own list of payment methods so you can start playing online.

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