How do Bookmaker Bonuses Work?

Bookmaker Bonus

The idea of ​​betting online is interesting to many sports fans. To the possibility of getting a prize if your team wins, is added the convenience of being able to do it comfortably from home and with the advantage that, if you hit the bet, the money is charged to your betting account without you having to do anything. .

In addition, the competition between Colombian bookmakers is very high and this has led them to offer interesting welcome bonuses to attract new users. For this reason, we consider it important that the user knows well how these promotions work and, for this, we have turned to the web portal with the most experience on welcome bonuses in bookmakers: BettingGuide . This is what we have been told about bonuses:

How to get sports betting bonuses

Sports betting bonuses are achieved, in most cases, by registering and making a deposit in the betting account.

To register, you only need to have a valid identity card and be over 18 years old. On any bonus betting website, registration will require no more than 4 minutes of your time.

To top up funds, betting sites often offer various options including VISA, MasterCard, PSE, Efecty and others.

The bonus is not to earn money, but to test the service

Although the betting welcome bonus is presented as money, this money is associated with terms and conditions that usually end up losing you. If you think about it, it’s logical. Bookmakers lose when you win and the last thing they want is to give away money. What they do want is for people to try the service so they can see how much fun it is to gamble.

Knowing this, with the bonus you can make more bets with the same funds, so they are usually an excellent help to start in the world.

Types of bonds

The two most common types are free bets and bonus money.

  • Free bets: placing the bet does not subtract anything from your balance, but if you guess correctly, the winnings will be paid to you normally.
  • Bonus money: it is fictitious money that can be converted into real money and withdrawn if certain conditions are met.

Winnings from free bets are sometimes paid out in bonus money.

Bonus money conditions

Of course, the conditions depend on each operator and you should always read them well before making a deposit to get the sports betting bonus.

Having said that, the way the conditions work is similar: the house wants that before you can withdraw the bonus money, you have wagered it many times. In this sense, it is convenient to know the following concepts:

  • Rollover: Number of times you have to bet the value of the bonus so that you can make a withdrawal of that money.
  • Term of time: Normally, the rollover is associated with a period of time between 7 and 30 days.
  • Excluded bets: Some types of bets do not count towards rollover. For example, handicap bets are usually excluded.

When making a withdrawal

When making a withdrawal, it is important to have met the rollover conditions. If this has not been done, the bookmaker will allow you to withdraw your money, but not the bonus or any winnings made while the bonus was active.

*The bets are only for people over 18 years of age. If you do gamble, do so responsibly and as a way of having fun, not as a source of income.

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