How to win sports bets with your head

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Following a hunch, waiting for the ball to stop at the roulette wheel, listening to the bell of the slot machine, seeing our account figures grow or sweating the jersey while a team plays not only the match but also our bet: emotions that can only be described who know the world of betting and online games.

Making bets online and playing in online casinos have become a trend long before the preventive confinement due to the pandemic, although it has been this last situation that has triggered its number of followers worldwide. And Colombia is no exception.

It is estimated that online gambling generates almost $6 billion a year in our country . Much of this figure, to the sport that moves passions: football. But it is not soccer passion that motivates bettors. To play and, above all, to win, you need to bet with your head, with strategy and with information.

Tips to increase the chance of winning with sports betting

Although luck is the determining factor when it comes to games and bets, in sports statistics count a lot. In fact, the bookmakers calculate the odds and the value of the bet based on statistics, history, the status of the players and public opinion.

Knowing this information is essential for the bet to be solid. It’s important to read summaries of past tournaments, learn how teams are performing, and be on the lookout for unforeseen circumstances like injuries to key players. Beyond sports fans, you should not bet with your heart, but with your head .

In addition to being informed, we must try to make the most of our initial investment . And this is achieved by visiting buyers specialized in bookmakers, such as, where the seductive proposal of websites that operate legally in Colombia is constantly updated.

These comparisons basically show the detailed information about the operator, what types of bets they offer and what are the welcome bonuses for betting . To give examples, Yajuego currently offers a 100% refund of the first deposit up to $200,000 + two free bets (similar to Rivalo); Zamba proposes 50% of the first deposit up to $100,000, etc.

Online Casinos: This is how you multiply your first bets

These welcome bonuses are also the most important strategy to attract those who want to play at an online casino . As with sports betting, here it is also recommended to visit an online casino guide such as , which offers reports and analysis of Colombian online casinos, with a detailed analysis of their website, usability, welcome bonus , promotions, etc

These bonuses allow us to multiply the initial investment and, therefore, increase our chances of winning. Currently, all online casino operators offer tempting welcome bonuses. These are the most popular: Yajuego, 50% cashback on first day losses up to $70,000; Rivalo 100% of the first deposit with no limit plus 100 free spins; Zamba 50% of the first deposit up to $100,000 and Bwin 100% up to $200,000 COP.

To activate the welcome bonuses , usually at the end of the registration process, the platform offers an option to claim it. When the account is active and/or you make your first bet, the bonus is already operational. Although it is always very important to read the conditions and the “fine print”.

Another way to enhance the chances of winning is to know the RPT of each game . This acronym stands for “Return To Player” and is a percentage that indicates how profitable the slot or game in question is. This information is so important that many platforms offer a ranking of games ordered by their RTP, which can be very useful to start playing.

And finally, try to choose a game that you like, the variety is increasing, although the “classics” always win, such as roulette, slots, Black Jack and varieties of Poker.

5 tips for a fun, safe and responsible game

Whether for online casinos or sports betting, there are some recommendations that can make the difference between losing money or knowing how to multiply it, between being the victim of a scam or fattening your pocket every month. These are some of them:

1- Always choose authorized game operators

At the bottom of the main page of any online gaming platform, you will be able to find not only the identification data but also the license numbers and characteristics that it has .

For greater peace of mind, you can always consult the list of On Line Gaming Operators authorized by Coljuegos.

You should also make sure that the chosen platform follows a clear policy when it comes to explaining payment methods and secure gaming verification systems .

2- Do not play what you cannot lose

Playing with limits is the key to responsible gaming. If you have to borrow money to gamble, it may be a better idea to reduce your initial investment so you don’t go into debt .

3- Find out about the strategies of the experts

There are specialized forums where professional players recommend some tactics . Neither is foolproof, but it’s always better to play with a plan than without.

4- Test the game before betting

Most of these platforms offer Trial Modes for their main games, so that you can get to know and understand their dynamics before investing your money.

5- Statistics make the difference

As we mentioned before, the study of probabilities is very important both in sports betting and in online casinos. Take some time to get to know them and understand their impact on the bets you make.

In short, with information and responsibility, it is very possible to be economically and playfully satisfied at the same time .

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