The 3 most popular board games

board games

Meetings with friends, together as a couple, family dinners and, why not, romantic dates. In all those situations, people enjoy sharing a playful moment. Bringing out the competitive side through a day of this type is something that is enjoyed in almost any social gathering. In the age of online gaming , where most of the new and the classics are available, there is still a place for table games.

 The feeling of having fun with cards, a board, cards or dice remains irreplaceable. This is due to the interaction that occurs thanks to the presence. There are entertainments where details such as gestures or tones of voice become fundamental in the search for victory. For this reason, the sales of the board classics are still maintained, and in the following list you can see which are the most popular today.


There is no doubt that Monopoly, or Monopoly in some countries, is one of the most popular board games of the 20th century. It was patented in 1935, however it finds inspiration in an older game. This is The Landlord’s Game, a board created by the American writer and game designer, Elizabeth “Lizzie” J. Phillips. She patented it in 1904 and it quickly became a hit. The creators of Monopoly were inspired by Phillips’ creation, but adapted it to North American cities and regions.

The great international success of Monopoly led to dozens of versions that can be enjoyed today. From the editions of movies and series, such as Harry Potter or The Simpsons, to the adaptations to the local regions that each country makes on the board. Hasbro’s popular entertainment mixes strategy with skill and, of course, luck always comes into play.


It would seem that Uno is a game as old as chess or dominoes. However, it is a deck created in 1971 by Merle Robbins, an American barber. When it began to gain popularity, the Mattel company took over its production and distributed it all over the world. This fun card exchange has gained a lot of popularity in recent decades, and today it is among the best-selling games on the market.

It consists of discarding the entire deck, by placing cards with the same color or the same number in the central pile. In addition, there are additional decks, with options such as backwards, color change and that the opponent raises more cards. Its success led to online versions on smartphones and consoles like the Playstation. His biggest problem is the confusion of some rules.


It is very likely that this game is known as Clue, since in America it was distributed under that name. However, the original is called Cluedo and comes from the UK. It was created by a lawyer’s assistant, perhaps inspired by the multiple unsolved cases that his boss had. It is about Anthony Pratt, an Englishman who showed his idea to the Waddington Games company in 1944. It was soon accepted and the game that consists of discovering the author of a terrible crime became known throughout the planet.

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