How to watch games on Bet365 in full screen?


The Chrome Fullscreen Anything extension and the Maxthon browser are the two options we have to see any live event offered by Bet365 in full screen on our computer. Find out how to use them.

One of the strengths of Bet365 is its streaming service , which allows us to follow a large number of sporting events live. Football, tennis, hockey or basketball are just some examples of the events that users of this bookmaker can follow live, events that can almost never be seen open on television. However, all Bet365 users have the same complaint: Bet365 does not allow streaming in full screen. Now, we have two options to watch Bet365 streaming in full screen on the computer .

Chrome Fullscreen Anything

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers, if not the most. It has extensions as popular as AdBlock, which allows us to avoid ads, but there are also lesser-known extensions such as Fullscreen Anything, which allows you to see in full screen any video you play on the network, including streamings from Bet365 -and from any other house betting-. To do this, you just have to follow these 4 simple steps :

  1. Search Fullscreen Anything on Google or the Chrome Web Store
  2. Install the extension. The extension icon will appear in the address bar
  3. Log in to Bet365 and select the event you want in your streaming
  4. Click on the icon and the streaming will open in full screen

As you can see, using Fullscreen Anything is very simple. In favor of this method we have a very simple and effective use, but it has a drawback: we cannot regulate the size of the screen , so you either see it in the usual size or you see it in full size. This makes it a good option if you are connecting your computer to a larger screen to comfortably watch the event live, but it is not such a good idea if you want to watch it while betting, since you will have to enter and exit full screen one and again.

Maxthon browser

If Google Chrome is a very popular browser, Maxthon is one of the least known. Its use is behind Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer, but it offers us interesting options such as seeing any video in full screen, with the possibility of regulating the size . This includes streaming from bookmakers like Bet365 that a priori cannot be regulated. Let’s find out how to view streaming Bet365 step in Maxthon .

  1. Download the Maxthon browser . Is free.
  2. Register with your email and password, and log in.
  3. Access your Bet365 account and start streaming.
  4. Hover over the video. You will see several options, click on Pop-up .
  5. A new tab will open with the video. Choose the screen size and resize.

In this way, you will be able to see the event you want in full screen or in an acceptable size while checking how the odds of the different Bet365 markets evolve. It is also a very simple option, and the result could not be better. In addition, it has the plus that you can choose the size of the video. With these two options, there is no excuse for us to enjoy Bet365 streaming in full screen from your computer .

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