What to do with a good betting streak?


During our life as players we will face a large number of situations, some of which will be good, some less good and some bad. Last April I talked to you about how to get out of a bad streak by betting and today I want to complement that entry with another situation that, although it does not happen every time we want, a good streak will have happened to us or will happen to us at some time.

What should we do with a good betting streak?

We all wait for the moment to come but surely if we are not prepared we will not know how to react . Although it may seem easy to say, when we are having a good streak and we see that money is growing, it is best to try to calm down and not get carried away by the emotions of the moment .

When I refer to a hot streak I do not mean two or three bets won but a few more and a remarkable amount of money in our bankroll. It is in those moments when more common sense should have our betting strategy, which, if we are used to playing, we must already be clear about what it should be.

Keeping a cool head is something basic and even if we have a good cushion of money, we should not risk betting more, we must continue doing it as before, with a maximum of money in each bet, studying well all the possibilities to make it and on everything to keep the maximum money limit in our entire game session, exactly as if we had not touched anything.

I know it is difficult to stand firm, and I say it from my own experience, but there we will see what pasta we are made of and if we are really good players or not. If we have temperance and common sense on our side, we will know how to properly manage a good winning streak .

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