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If you’re from Italy, you are very lucky because this is one of the most online casino-friendly countries in Europe, as well as globally. Italy has a huge tradition when it comes to gambling. Back in the days of the Roman Empire, this was considered as a pretty normal social activity. In modern times, things aren’t much different either, though we have to say that the government has tried to regulate this area of social activities in detail several times, so there were some ups and downs with gambling in Italy.

The same thing is with the online casino. At first, the government tried to ban such a way of gambling. Later, authorities had a plan to favorize domestic websites. These days, local and foreign online casino websites are equal in front of the law.

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Today, Italy is extremely friendly when it comes to online casinos (Full list at While the land-based casinos are regulated by laws that make things quite complicated, things are much simpler with online betting. The act that regulates is the Decree on Liberation, from 2007. According to Article 38, all online gambling activities are officially legalized in the country.

Since then, thousands of websites have been authorized. However, a problem appeared when the Government tried to block a foreign website. After the European Union interfered, Italy has got another legal act that clearly says that foreign websites are allowed to provide these kinds of services to Italian players.

Of course, if someone wants to operate in Italy, it has to obtain a license first. The office that takes care of all online gambling activities is called the Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies and it is a part of the Ministry of Finance. 

This is the address for those who want to provide casino services online. Of course, it is required to meet certain demands but obviously, meeting these criteria doesn’t seem that complicated, considering that there are so many online casino websites that legally operate in this European country. According to the latest reports, there are more than 200 online casino websites that operate in Italy these days. 

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Some of the requirements every website need to meet in order to get the license are:

  • to manage games in Europe with a turnover of no less than EUR 1,500,000 in the last 2 years
  • to function at a high technical level, providing stable, secure and easy-to-use services
  • to be founded as a capital society
  • to have reliable administration members
  • to have its official residence and technical support in one of the EU countries
  • to pay EUR 350,000 to AAMS for technical management, administration and supervision

The violation of this regulatory can mean various consequences in practice, starting from trial, fines, forfeitures, imprisonment and all other kinds of restrictions.

To make a long story short – if you live in Italy and want to practice online betting, you’re living in one of the best countries in the world. This activity is completely legal and a great thing to know is that every aspect of it is regulated by county laws, which in practice means excellent legal protection of players.

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