Jeeto Lotto – Become a Lottery Winner Today by Picking 10/70

Jeeto Lotto - Become a Lottery Winner Today by Picking

Do you think that it is impossible to become a millionaire overnight? Have you tried your luck at different lottery games? Just like the various other lottery competitions, Jeeto Lotto presents before you the golden opportunity of winning up to Rs. 36.5 million with every bet that you place.

But the difference between other lottery competitions and Jeeto Lotto is that the latter is hosted by a highly trusted online casino platform. Therefore, you can be completely assured about the money you invest in Jeeto Lotto owing to the guaranteed monetary rewards.

Jeeto Lotto India Rules

Lottoland, the global leader of online casino games, launched Jeeto Lotto in India to help aspiring millionaires fulfill their quest of becoming rich. Nevertheless, certain rules have to be followed by all the participants of Jeeto Lotto.

1. Timings For Participating In Jeeto Lotto:
You can participate in Jeeto Lotto every day of the week anytime between IST 10:04-3:24 AM.

2. Frequency Of Placing Bets:
In Jeeto Lotto, you can place bets every four minutes within the timespan mentioned above.

All That You Need To Know About Playing Jeeto Lotto India

To participate in Jeeto Lotto, you have to buy a lottery ticket and choose numbers that you feel carry winning prospects.

Let’s understand how you can play Jeeto Lotto.

A total of 20 numbers are drawn from a series of 70 numbers. You can take your pick anywhere from 1-10 numbers as per your preferences. Besides, your chances of winning the draw increase with the number of guesses you make.

Once you have picked your desired numbers, you are required to finalize your stake. Your stakes can begin with a minimum of Rs. 80 but they can’t exceed Rs. 800 on a single ticket. Hence, it solely depends on you whether you want to keep your stake singular or multiply it. A higher stake amount would carry a bigger monetary prize.

The prize money will vary on the basis of all the numbers you have selected. For instance, if you pick 10 numbers from a ticket and all your guesses are right, you’d be entitled to win the highest prize of Rs. 36 crores. However, if you make only 5 correct guesses, you’d only earn Rs. 727. Similarly, picking 5 numbers and correctly guessing all of them will get you Rs. 36000.


Becoming a millionaire in a limited period is no piece of cake. Irrespective of this popular notion, Jeeto Lotto makes it possible for you to win massive amounts of money with just a little investment and luck. So, if you have always wanted to place bets on a legit and reliable lottery platform, now is the time to actualise your dream of becoming a millionaire with Jeeto Lotto.

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