Malta Gaming Authority – Mga Licenses for Online Casinos

Malta Gaming Authority

Since its birth in 2001, the Malta Gaming Authority has established itself as one of the benchmarks in online gaming regulation. This regulatory body has the backing of the government and is currently one of the most prestigious in the world. Learn more about its functions, capabilities and scope to monitor the activities of the most popular online casinos in Europe.

Malta Gaming Authority ( MGA ) is a public institution supported by the Government of Malta that specializes in iGaming- That is, it reviews, controls, regulates and extends MGA licenses to different online platforms related to gambling, casino games and betting sports. Legal coverage does not reach traditional casinos.

The prestige of the Malta Gaming Authority is so great that many operators that offer services in different countries have established themselves in Maltese cities in order to have an official license. Although these companies have been born in other places, they have moved to Malta to be under the shelter of this institution. This implies passing controls and revisions that translate into an endorsement through the MGA seal to guarantee its safety and operating conditions.

Malta Gaming Authority Licenses

The MGA licenses are designed with a double intention. In the first place, provide the industry of games of chance and online casinos with a prestigious regulation. On the other, generate income for the development of the country. That is why, from the beginning, this regulator has had government support to carry out its functions.

There are currently four MGA licenses available for companies interested in commercial activities:

  • License for casino gaming sites
  • License for sports betting houses
  • Poker Operators License
  • License for relationships between game providers and operators

Responsibilities of the Malta Gaming Authority

The main role of the Malta Gaming Authority is to promote a safe environment for casino games, sports betting and other leisure activities in the field of iGaming. Another responsibility is to ensure compliance with financial transparency laws and privacy policies for the use of users’ personal data. To guarantee these aspects, the institution carries out a general study of a company to extend one of the MGA licenses and then requires constant controls to maintain said support.

How to verify MGA licenses for online casinos

All casinos with MGA licenses have gone through an arduous certification process. Having the approval of the Malta Gaming Authority is a very positive thing for operators and that is why it is common to find certification with an MGA logo on the respective website and mobile applications. Usually, the Help section, FAQs and company details also have information about the operating license.

Another method of confirming that an online casino is indeed licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority is to go to the institution’s website. There is a list that is constantly updated with all the operators that have valid MGA licenses and all the details about permits, reviews and controls that are carried out every week.

Report a problem to the Malta Gaming Authority

Filing a complaint is possible in person, by phone, email or an online form available on the official website. Once MGA receives a complaint, it proceeds to the investigation to determine if there has been any irregularity on the part of the online casino. If wrongdoing is confirmed, measures are taken and for repeated problems or serious situations, there may be suspensions or withdrawal of licenses for the companies involved.
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