New UK Gambling Act: What to Expect

UK Gambling Act

The UK is one of the most regulated markets in the world when it comes to iGaming. Many laws have been formed to allow online operators to provide real money services. Laws are also in place for the protection of players. The Gambling Act of 2005 made the UK one of the most liberal jurisdictions worldwide for gambling. However, a new UK Gambling Act may change how things are done. That new act is expected to come into play in 2023. With the latest reports showing an increase in problem gambling, the UK government is looking at how to take steps to create safer online environments for those that wish to play real money games on a PC or mobile device.

The new Act will cover different areas and regulations will become stricter. These areas affect both UK online gambling websites as well as players. These changes may alter how players access games or how operators are allowed to promote game selections.


With the industry being so competitive, operators throughout the UK are always looking for ways to attract and retain new players. Companies have placed banners on websites that provide exclusive offers for new members and ads appear on televisions worldwide. The new Gambling Act will force advertisers to make some changes. Every possible player must be made aware of all terms that are attached to casino bonuses, which will be provided below every CTA that is present. The act will also work to lower the exposure people have to gambling ads on television, social media, and during sporting events.

VIP Player Programs

Welcome offers and VIP schemes are what often draw players to a particular website. This can present significant problems. The government will be reviewing the offers that include free bets as they typically include high wagering requirements and other restrictions. The UK Gambling Commission considers VIP programs to increase the risk of problem gambling. These programs tend to target customers who spend a lot of money. By offering rewards, these players will wager even more and will be more prone to developing a gambling problem. It is possible that VIP programs will be banned when the new law comes out.

Deposit and Betting Limits

The UK has already taken steps to prevent players from using any credit cards when visiting a gambling site. While this has been effective, there is more that can be done to offer enhanced protection. The new act will most likely place limits on how much one can stake when placing bets. There will also be limits on deposit amounts to help prevent overspending. This can assist in preventing gambling problems in the future. The exact limits have not yet been decided, but gamblers can expect these to be in place when the new Gambling Act is introduced.

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