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In these uncertain times with a rampant corona crisis, visiting a casino is not easy. Especially if you want to spend an evening at the casino with friends, it is better to look for an alternative for the time being. Fortunately, you can easily shift these pleasant evenings to the online casino. This way you can still take a gamble with your mates from the comfort of your home, without the risk of infection with Covid.

Gambling in the regular online casino

You can go to a great many providers for gambling. One of the large online casinos, where you can also take out sports betting, for example, is Bwin. In addition, there are many other online providers, each of which has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. In the regular online casino you can find games such as:

  • Slots
  • Video poker
  • Bingo games
  • Slot machines
  • Scratch cards
  • Jackpot games

Most of these games you cannot play directly with other online gamblers, but it is of course possible to play the same game as your friends and to keep each other informed of your progress via a video connection. You can also share your screen via, for example, a program like Zoom and experience each other’s winnings live.

The benefits of the live online casino

Do you want an online casino experience that comes even closer to reality? Then the live online casino is probably the best solution. Here you can digitally join gaming tables located all over the world. You can perfectly follow the chosen game via various webcams and microphones. The live dealer will lead the game and make all your moves. You will of course easily receive the winnings into your account at the online casino.

Nice is that in this way you can join a group of friends at the same gaming table. You can chat with each other via the website of the online casino and also get in touch with the live dealer. This way you can easily create the feeling of a physical casino without having to leave the house!

Examples of games you can find in the live section of well-equipped online casinos are:

  • Live blackjack
  • Live poker
  • Live roulette
  • Live craps
  • Live baccarat
  • Game shows such as Deal or No Deal

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