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Each user has their own theory of what it takes to be a truly successful online casino player. Some people will tell you that it is about knowing the strategies available in each game, others will tell you about the RTP of the casino game you participate in, while there will be players who point to luck as the only element in the destiny of your game.

However, one of the primary aspects related to this matter is that the most successful online casino players possess skills in one aspect above all others: managing and controlling the money in their bankroll .

It doesn’t matter how good you are at cards, betting on roulette or checking the RTP of slots if you don’t know how to successfully manage your bankroll . Playing becomes much less fun and more dangerous when you spend your rent on the casino, even becoming a problem.

So, we are going to focus this article on helping you to know a smarter way to manage the money that you dedicate to gambling in the casino. Follow these tips and we guarantee that, in addition to being more successful when playing, you will enjoy your favorite casino games in a safe and healthy way.


There are different ways to limit the expenses a player makes while playing, such as controlling the amount of money you transfer to your casino account from your bank or using a certain amount to bet each day.

We offer you another one that will also help you to control the expenses you have and which is related to the amount of time you spend playing online casino. Setting a daily gaming time limit can help you keep expenses low without having to keep track of the money you transfer from your bank to your casino account.

It is a fact of pure logic, that the more time you spend playing, the more options you have to lose money. It is true that you can also earn more, but by probability, it would be normal for you to lose more money than you earn. Therefore, setting a game time limit would help you not lose more money than you should.

In any case, you should consider that the time limit you set should be based on the speed of your game, in addition to the amount of money you normally spend on each bet and the types of games you usually participate in.

For example: How does playing three hours playing an online slot compare betting 10 cents per spin versus one hour playing at 50 cents per bet? Clearly everything depends on how fast the game unfolds or, what is the same, your speed when betting.

If you go much faster when betting $ 0.10, you could end up playing the same amount of money or even more in three hours than in an hour of slower play with bets of $ 0.50. Participating in free casino games could be a way to check the speed of your game.

The time limit can also be extended to the number of days a week or a month plays. You could play every Saturday for three hours or Wednesday, Friday and Sunday for one hour, which would be the same playing time used.

To finish we must tell you that you always comply with the time limit that you have established and that you have chosen according to your betting speed and the amount of money that you bet on each hand. In this way, you will not get any unpleasant surprises when you finish your game day.

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