Tips for becoming a professional video game player

professional video game player

Many young people and adults love video games and, for many years, it has been thought that this form of entertainment is only for fun.

What many ignore is that today being a professional player is opening doors in the workplace and it is young people who are taking advantage of this the most.

The best known is working in companies that develop video games and / or consoles, testing said games and the functionality of the devices or belonging to an electronic sports league. 

According to Acer, eSports is a phenomenon that is opening opportunities for gamers, who have passion and a good level, to take a step towards developing a professional career as a gamer. 

It sounds easy for video game lovers but the truth is that to be a professional gamer you need certain skills and abilities.

These are the recommendations to be a pro PC Gamer: 

-Professional attitude:

There must be a constant practice to train, that is, playing does not become a hobby but an almost daily discipline. The main suggestion is to start at the most basic levels and increase the difficulty as you progress.

-Play as a team:

Almost all eSports events must be played as a team, so you must train together to achieve harmony and coordination in strategies. You can train with friends or other players online to develop collaborative play strategies and tactics.

-Learn from the best:

On online platforms like Twitch or YouTube there are videos of hundreds of games of the best gamers in the world.

-Identify weaknesses :

A trick is to record the training sessions in order to know the game and identify where it is failing and improve it.

-Good hardware:

Having the latest hardware will help you play better, without crashing problems. It is important to have a good computer, graphics card or monitor.

-Physical shape:

Having a good physical condition improves professionalism as sitting down could cause muscle injuries. In addition, the mind must be exercised to have more agility during competitions.

-Participate in tournaments :

When a gamer feels confident that they have developed several skills, it is recommended to participate in tournaments both alone and as a team.

-English :

Currently, English is the most used language in world electronic sports competitions.

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