Top 3 most entertaining slot machine betting systems

slot betting systems

Slot machines do not need any gambling knowledge; hence, any person can play in it with a small bet. The slot machine betting system might not increase the probability of your chances to win, but some slot machines are worth playing for. Slots machines are based entirely on chances; they operate on algorithms followed by randomness. Hence, the best slot machines help you keep track of your bets and nothing more.

However, playing on slot machines betting system can bring more value to entertainment while having an experience in gambling. However, here are the three most entertaining slot machine betting systems a person hold look out for a while trying to gamble.

  1. The Martingale system

The martingale system is one of the riskiest and the best system a person can bet in. it refers to a progression of negative systems for betting.

The leading theory of the martingale system for the slot is that after every loss, the bet size is doubled. Hence, after a win, the system takes the gambler to the initial size of the bet.

However, it is pointless to say that the martingale betting system brings much excitement to bets. You can lose your bet very often based on your chances, as though the bet size is small and the machine is for limited limits of betting, a person can lose more than they bet.

Finding a slot machine that takes the smallest amount as a bet is hard. You won’t be able to find a slot machine that will allow a penny as a bet but to find a game where you can bet a quarter is easily found.

For instance, if a gambler starts with a dollar per spin, to get to $128, it will take seven spins per spin amount that too in a row.

How does the martingale system work?

The system is about when you lose a bet in gambling, and you shall bet twice in the next bet. The martingale system states that there is a higher chance of winning the betting game after losing. As the game states, the more you bet, the higher the chance of recovering all the bet you lost previously. This can even lead to making profits. To understand the logic, say, for instance, a person wishes to walk away with $10; then he needs to place a bet for $10. If the person loses, he has to place another bet for 20$. A win in the next bet will help the gambler recover the 10$ and earn a profit of 10$. However, if he loses again, he must place a bet for 40$. This can go on and on unless the person decides to quit.

Although the game of martingale is super thrilling and entertaining, a person can lose a loads amount of money by taking risks with a string of bad results. Henceforth, if you want the most thrilling slot machine to get some real fun, the martingale system is surely your place.

  1. The zig-zag system

The system refers to when a slot machine shows winning symbols, and is time to play and pay it out. More accurately, if the slot machine shows symbols in a zig-zag pattern, then a gambler should tighten the belts because it is time to play the slot machine.

It can be understood more accurately with the face of a slot machine. Imagine this, the face of the slot machine of a 3-reel, and in the horizontal line right in the middle of the game, there are three symbols. A person can see three symbols above and three below in the machine. You can win the game if the three symbols line up.

How the pattern works:

Look for a machine that shows three or more similar symbols on the machine’s screen. The three symbols are not lined up in a pattern of win, but by looking at the pattern, the zig-zag expert can tell us if the symbols are aligned in the winning position or not. Their patterns in the zig-zag system are of 3 types, namely,

  • V pattern

In this, the first and third reels show winning symbols. The second reel also shows a symbol of winning just below this reel.

  • Zig zag pattern

The symbols of winning are snake across the screen, i.e., from left to right, bottom to top.

  • Diamond pattern

The diamond pattern is like a V pattern; the only exception is a potent symbol of winning topping in the second reel of V. just like a diamond before your eyes.

Nowadays, slot machines use a computer program called a random number generator to produce results. Hence, the symbol is put up as a show.

  1. The 1-3-2-6 system

The 1-3-2-6 system machine is an excellent pick as it is not a risky slot machine system that will make the gambler go bankrupt. It makes the whole session thrilling, as the gambler needs total concentration.

By the name of the system, it is easy to understand, and the 1-3-2-6 system refers to choosing the small bet size unit. This base unit characterizes as one unit. After this, as given in the name, the gambler has to follow the steps of the pattern for betting.

This system is a progressive betting which means that the gamblers’ bet size tends to increase after every win. When you lose, the gambler bets again for one unit.

How the 1-3-2-6 system works:

For instance, place a money bet which is even, say, for a $5 bet.

When you win the first bet, you will have $10. Now, you have to place a bet which is unit size. Here $5 is on the table, so the total money of $15 is on the table.

Now from the system, the ‘3’ will be 3x the bet you placed. If you win this bet, you will have $30. Now comes the ‘2’, you have to leave two units on the table, so in this example, you will leave $10. Hence, remove the $20 from the bet by leaving $10 behind.

If you win this one, too, $20 is now on the table. As per the last step, we are supposed to leave six units on the table. So, you have to add the $10 to make a total of $30 ($5x 6). By winning this bet, you will have a total of $60, remove this amount from the table and start the cycle of the system again in the next round.

However, when you lose the bet in the first step, you will be required to start over; if you bear a loss at step 2, there will be a loss of 2 units which is $10.

In case you lost at the 3rd step, you can walk away with unit 2 of profit, i.e., $20 in total, from which $10 is from the bets and an additional $10 is your profit. You will break even if you are lost at the last step of this system.

However, the 1-3-2-6 system is very popular among the games of casino. As it is implemented on the bets that pay you even money, there is a slight risk on your part; you have to risk the first two units. This system is easy to learn, and if you get lucky to win two units in a row, the worse could happen if you will break even.

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