Tamilgun (2020): Enjoy Fun Videos And Movies From Tamilgun & It’s Alternatives

A Brief Introduction

In today’s world of constant busybodies, one is taken over by hefty projects and a number of small errands. People living in this century are always filled with work at all times. It does not necessarily have to be office work. People are constantly on their way to reinvent themselves and upgrade; they are for greater market value. In this process, they forget about the basic values of life. People tend to overlook the tiny ways in which they can find some happiness in this mechanical world.

Every single person is either overworking at their offices by doing extra hours, or they are taken over by work at home, which could range from small jobs to looking after children and their education. More of than not, we tend to overlook the ways in which one can take some time off their schedules and relax a bit. Something that we forget even more than usual is taking time out for our near and dear ones.

In the earlier days, quality time usually meant a walk in the park or a good session of chat over coffee and chips. This could be with friends, family members, your own wife, or your parents. Getting oneself some space to breathe is important, and these little ways helped one to connect with one another and, more importantly, with oneself. One of the best ways to ensure that you are spending time with your family yet learning something or the other in the process is by watching movies.

Watching movies can not only teach you a thing or two, but they can also be a great break from a constant state of stress. However, it is not possible to book tickets to a movie theatre at all times. One may not find the time or worse; they may not find seats in the hall to book tickets for. At times, movie tickets can be quite expensive and thus, it may not be the wise option to splurge on cinema halls and food inside them.

Watching movies is a great hobby to let you go for a while. This activity lets one unwind for some individuals who barely find any time for themselves these days. One can watch a movie between their meetings or at a time when they do not have much of work pressure. Following a tiresome day, be it at the office or at home, there cannot be anything more fulfilling than sitting back to watch a film or two.

What is better than focusing on the diversion on the plots than on boring numbers and letters? Everyone likes watching movies. This includes the older generation as well. In spite of the fact that one may have many film CDs and DVDs at home, they may lean toward watching films at the film theatres despite everything. However, to deal with issues related to movie theatres, there is an alternate solution.

In this case, probably the greatest reason that can cause one to watch films at the movie theatres is the broader screen and a much more rich and real sound due to high-end sound systems. Anyone can appreciate the environment inside the movie theatres. However, what if there is no chance to visit a movie theatre for a fun movie-watching experience? What does one do then? In this case, people often turn to the Internet as it is practically not possible to have CDs and DVDs of every film on this planet.

The Internet is full of web pages where you can either watch the movie online, or you can download them as per your choice. They are usually free of cost if the website makes pirated movies available. There are a few streaming websites that offer people a vast gallery of films and documentaries but come with a subscription system.

This is generally the legal streaming websites that require one’s personal details. However, the illegal websites are helpful in a way that they do not charge money and make various file sizes of a movie available on them. You can find some of the latest movies on a piracy website as well.

In this article, we talk about Tamilgun, which is a popular platform for free download movies and tell you about its advantages and disadvantages.

What Is Tamilgun Movie Website?


When it comes to consuming content online, there is no bar. There are a number of individuals who utilize the Internet for entertainment. They watch movies by downloading them from a free download website, or they look up for films on YouTube. People have been relentlessly downloading movies and watching them. This does not only include people who are incapable of affording cinema halls, but it also includes people who wish to sit back at home and binge movies.

A particular report by strive has approximated the amount of data Indians will have used by a certain year. One will most certainly be shocked to realize that Indians will be said to have utilized a total of 5491.7 million gigabytes of data by the year 2019.

This accounts for not only web surfing and online shopping but also counts in movie downloads, song downloads, online movies, and video streaming sessions as well. All parts of India contribute to this issue as most people depend on the Internet to download their daily dose of entertainment.

Should you ask this question to people residing in the territories in South India, you will most likely encounter an unusual surge of downloads of films because of the film-enthusiast adolescents and children. People tend to utilize a number of free download movie website to suit their needs. One of the best websites for movies and especially South-Indian movies is Tamilgun.

TamilGun 2020 is a popular pirated Internet website that puts up the Latest Tamil Movies, Malayalam Movies, Telugu Movies, Tamil TV Sequences, Tamil Hindi Dubbed Movies, Tamil TV Shows, and numerous other movie and TV shows in South Indian languages. These movies and TV shows are leaked to the Internet after they are recorded so that people can access it as soon as possible. These are movies and TV shows which can basically be downloaded or could be viewed on any online stream.

The print duplicate is made out of every new film that is released into the market, and the copy is set on this site as soon as possible. Those people who are not interested or do not wish to step out to the web page. TamilGun web page can be a more prominent decision for these people who choose to depend on Internet arrangements, TV Shows and TV soaps and serials.

People are extremely likely to view shows and soaps on Tamilgun when nowadays everyone is out of time to sit in front of their television set. Such movies, soaps and TV shows could be just found in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam language by various means on this website. Most people who use Tamilgun do not wish to go through issues like money for applications and subscriptions like websites similar to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hotstar require.

TamilGun makes the duplicates of such TV arrangements and movies from the excellent quality and trustworthy source. They record it, although unlawfully, and release it on its website. Coming to think about this as the main factor, it is the reason due to which loads of users includes Tamilgun among their favorite site.

The movies that are recorded and released on this site tend to have top-notch video quality. They have a huge number of movies and TV shows. All of the arrangements are in HD quality. Thus, you can discover a great many good quality video files right here. This implies that it is workable for you to watch movies with picture quality way above the standard 720p. When you download the movies on Tamilgun, you will find many more file details along with the movie file so that you can judge which one is the best option for you to download.

An extremely important factor about this website is that among all the content that is uploaded on the website, the larger part of the films on it might be viewed by live streams. This basically implies that any video can be enjoyed without any downloads. You can make use of Tamilgun in a similar fashion to YouTube. This is because Tamilgun lets you watch the movie on its website as the interface serves as a media player as well. With the presentation of this feature, the acknowledgment of this site among the web browsers has shown to increase considerably over time.

Due to this feature, there is nothing of the sort as an unquestionable requirement to get any movies downloaded. All credit, in this case, goes to the Tamilgun’s live streaming feature as people have the option to watch that TV show or movie straight from the website. Streaming movies online save a lot of time and effort compared to downloads from websites. You can avoid problems related to piracy as well.

However, if you wish to download movies from Tamilgun anyway, it provides users a huge base of movies and TV shows in various languages, which you can choose to download free of cost and watch at your own convenience.

Tamilgun Website Features

Tamilgun is an extremely versatile platform for people to view movies and TV shows. This is evident due to the various features that this website has in itself. The innumerable features make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. Besides, one can also toggle between the various settings for their own benefit. More importantly, the idea of incorporating a number of features is to make sure that the website is all-engaging in nature. This means that it does not look dull and boring. The team working behind Tamilgun makes sure that they make the website functional by all means.

Some of the features in Tamilgun include the following:

Tamilgun has an extensive movie gallery, which means that you will find movies not just from India but from various other countries as well. You are sure to find movies that belong to a number of languages. Find English and Hindi movies in case you wish to watch mainstream movies.  However, suppose you are looking for films that belong to regional sections of India, you will find a number of them as well. Starting from Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali, one might also be lucky to find Nepali movies on Tamilgun.

As the name suggests, Tamilgun is aimed to keep content for people who belong to the Southern regions of India. People can find Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films on Tamilgun to explore the options.

2. Provide Latest Movies free

Are you looking for a place where you can find the recent movies to keep yourself up to date? Tamilgun is one of the best places that can help you do so. Tamilgun brings in some of the most recent movies from trustworthy websites so that you can watch them at your home, at your convenience and at your own time. What is even more interesting is that you can watch the movies at no cost at all. You do not have to pay for downloading or streaming any movie on Tamilgun. Anyone and everyone can use it for as long as they want. However, since the movies are pirated, there runs a risk of being caught by agencies working under the government.

3. Fewer Ads Shows

Most websites on the Internet are flooded with advertisements and pop-ups. They are adamant in nature and quite often irritating as well. They hide the content on the website until you close the ad window. This makes the download process very tiring. However, on Tamilgun, you can browse movies effortlessly with minimum to no ads at all.

4. HD quality movies

Tamilgun makes the space open to all file sizes. You can find all sorts of picture qualities on Tamilgun as it understands that people have various necessities on the internet. You can find movies that were recorded at 280p or 360p, and on the same note, you will find movies that are recorded at 720p to 1080p. If you are lucky enough, you will also find movies that are BluRay in nature. This means you can turn your living room into a mini cinema hall while watching movies or TV shows.

You can either download the movies, or you can watch them on Tamilgun itself. If you are using the media player on Tamilgun online, then you need to select the picture quality available on the taskbar of the media window on the screen.

While you are browsing movie options on Tamilgun, you will realize that you do not have to browse through an endless list. You can avail of the Search option on Tamilgun and make use of an advanced search on the user interface. This narrows down the entire process of having to search for a movie online. You can type in the name of the movie if you are sure to watch what you wish to. Else, you can also search for movies and TV shows less than one particular alphabet.

The Search Bar is in addition to the category-wise options on the Tamilgun website. You can save time by searching for movies on the Search Bar itself.

6. Huge database with lots of categories

As we just mentioned, Tamilgun has an extensive database for the various movies and TV shows on it. The database includes Hindi, English, and South Indian movies in particular. However, when one has a huge collection of any item, they have to make sure that the items are presented in an organized manner when people are visiting the website. This ensures the satisfaction of the people. Web users can make sure to access the various categories to save time and energy.

The categories are numerous, and one can choose which one to look into in order to find the perfect movie, TV arrangement, or soap in the most preferred file size, picture quality, etc.

7. Responsive layout

Tamilgun has made sure to develop a website that is accessible by people of all ages. No matter what the age or the technical abilities of a person may be, they can utilize the website due to the super easy user interface that it has. The layout is responsive to all the options right at hand. You do not have to struggle to find what you are looking for. On the same note, every option on the web page has been smartly put under various categories and action tasks. You can pick and choose the film all the more easily due to the smart interface that the Tamilgun website has.

You can go to your destination with almost no external help due to the UI of Tamilgun.

Tamilgun Website Categories

As we mentioned in the Features section of Tamilgun, the website has the movie and TV show gallery put into various segments or categories. These categories are, in turn, segregated based on their factors, which determine what sort of the file it is.

Tamilgun would not frustrate you if and when you try to download any Tamil film in high definition from its website. The website is well-known to transfer Tamil, Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam films in 720p, or 1080p picture quality. On the same note, this web page is likewise known for uploading Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, English, or Hindi films that are dubbed in another language within 300 MB of file size.

You like to enjoy films and TV shows in HD quality, you will not find the need to have to go anywhere else. Tamilgun has almost every movie-related wish that what you have. To make things even better, Tamilgun has all your movies and TV shows arranged in various categories. The most vital factor that one should have in mind while downloading HD films from Tamilgun is to make use of a responsible and functional web browser. You can make use of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. Another thing that you should keep in mind is for one to have a stable internet connection.

At the point when you make your way to the Tamilgun web page, then you will face no problem to locate the various listings of movies on this particular site. This web page consistently akes changes to the categories of the movies and TV shows in terms of their classification with a goal that no one can never experiences difficulty finding their preferred choice. Numerous individuals like this element to the Tamilgun website, and as a result, they love to visit this site. In this section, we are going to disclose to you the rundown of classifications which you will discover on the Tamilgun site. The categories that you may find on Tamilgun are as follows:

In terms of languages in India:

  • English Movies
  • Hindi Movies
  • Marathi Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Gujrati Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Kannada Movies
  • Bengali Movies
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Bhojpuri Movies

In terms of genre, you will find:

  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Documentary
  • Science Fiction
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Reality-TV
  • TV shows
  • 18+ movies
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Thriller

In terms of countries from which movies are available are:

  • Mexican Movies
  • Arabic Movies
  • Argentina Movies
  • Netherlands Movies
  • Australia Movies
  • New Zealand Movies
  • Belgium Movies
  • Norway Movies
  • Pakistani Movies
  • Philippines Movies
  • Poland Movies
  • Cambodian Movies
  • Korean Movies
  • Canadian
  • Chinese
  • Russian Movies
  • South African Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies

Thus, you can see that Tamilgun has a huge variety when it comes to movies and TV shows. You can pick and choose from the wide range of options on Tamilgun.

1. Netflix 

It is the top utilized entertainment site everywhere throughout the world. Netflix has an innumerable collection of mainstream movies that you can appreciate after you buy into the subscription layouts that it offers. One can enjoy the TV shows and the movies it offers on cell phones or tablets. All the shows and cinemas are in top quality.

2. Amazon Prime 

It is an official film-watching web page of Amazon.com. It offers the huge scope of TV serials and movies by different production houses and industries in the film-making business, which includes Amazon Specials.

3. Hulu 

It is accessible for streaming on the site and on its versatile mobile-based application. One can not only watch Hollywood films, but you can also watch South Indian films on it with their month to month membership plans.

4. YouTube 

It is one’s closest companion when you need to observe free movies. It is available for free on people’s phones. In specific cases, one can likewise purchase films on YouTube to watch them as to your comfort.

5. Hotstar 

Hotstar stores a scope of TV serials, everyday soaps, films, games run-throughs with some other unscripted TV drama re-runs. One can watch all of them at your entertainment. You can purchase their membership as well.

6. VOOT 

VOOT is Viacom Ltd.-created website for people who like to watch content legally. This web page releases interesting content every now and then, which are more or less available on the telly. You can discover unscripted TV drama re-runs, TV arrangements, and movies from different dialects.

7. SonyLiv 

In spite of the fact that SonyLIV is mainstream for sports and games on television, it additionally has a display for films and TV arrangements. You can observe a good portion of the popular films and can likewise limit yourself to a couple of South Indian films on SonyLIV.

8. Hungama Movies 

Hungama has been around for a long while. Individuals can utilize Hungama films to watch regional films and to tune in to music.

9. Eros Now 

Eros Now has been in the film business for a long while. You can utilize any stage, for example, android, iOS, Windows, and so on, to enjoy the films. You can likewise tune in to music on Eros Now site.

10. BoxTV 

Box TV is a streaming online web page initiated by the Times India Limited. You can watch standard Bollywood films and popular English films on Box TV. You can likewise decide to watch movies from regions of India on the off chance that you wish to explore other options.

Top 10 Illegal Alternatives

1. Pirate Bay 

It is the top mainstream Torrent site, so you can download movies, sound files, digital books, tunes, video clips, and so forth as the Torrent files. One can utilize a different Torrent downloader for watching films from it.

2. Jio Rockers Tamil 

It is the similar site for Jio Rockers of Telugu. The substance that you cannot discover on it, you may discover on Telugu Jio Rockers as well. Both websites have a similar interface and a comparable assortment of films.

3. Filmyzilla 

This website is completely devoted to regional content as Filmyzilla makes probably the best Indian films accessible on its site even before individuals can discover it somewhere else.

4. Madras Rockers

Madras Rockers is another sister site amidst the other Rockers sites. You can locate a huge exhibition of South Indian movies alongside Hindi and English movies. This is a highly popular website.

5. Movies Da 

Movies Da is a great site for pilfered content online. You will discover movies and TV arrangements of different dialects from India and outside. The benefit of this web page is that it makes films good picture quality accessible.

6. Tamil Rockers

It lets individuals observe the absolute latest and most recent Telugu and Tamil movies in their own spare time. Web users can download the South Indian films. However, they can likewise download English and Hindi movies from it.

7. Filmywap 

Filmywap offers movies, yet it additionally gives a gigantic assortment of melodies, sound files, funny videos, video clips, and so forth and that too in different dialects. You can discover content in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, English, and so on.

8. Putlocker 

It is the best streaming websites amongst other free film download sites. However, it additionally has streams that let you see films on the web. One can watch films that are English, Hindi, Punjabi, or South Indian.


RARBG is truly outstanding. It gives an extraordinary assortment of regional Indian films with TV shows. One can download them with the assistance of the Torrent downloader.

10. OpenLoad

It is an extraordinary site to watch the movies online and that too illicitly. You can utilize this site to watch the movies in English as well as in a lot of different Indian languages, which incorporates some other languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.


Most of the pirated movies websites on the Internet make sure to copy movies and Tv shows from credible sources and release it on the Internet. They do so without taking permission from the legal authorities. Sometimes, certain websites can be quite scandalous as they may release the movie on or before the release date. As a result, most of the production houses and directors suffer great losses. Thus, the government tries to shut down such websites that disobey the laws of any country.

The websites change their web addresses way too often to escape the agencies. While using a free download website such as Tamilgun, make sure to use a VPN so that you do not expose your IP address to the people who regulate legal activities on the Internet. Using a VPN can save you from trouble as an individual. On the other end, Tamilgun makes sure to protect its users when it comes to downloading and viewing content on their web page.


As you can see, Tamilgun is a great website to download movies and music from. You can use it to watch videos and movies online as well.


What is the Tamilgun about?

It is a most popular pirated website that provides the most recent Tamil Movies, Telugu Movies, and Malayalam Movies.

Can we download the movies free?

Yes, it offers download the movies at free of cost.

Are there any other alternatives sites of it?

Yes, there are so many legal and illegal alternatives sites available.

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