The Best CPUs for Seamless Online Gaming

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The CPU plays an important role in gaming. When picking out a new gaming PC, you want something cheap and powerful enough to run games at high settings smoothly.

If you’re buying a new computer, you might be wondering what type of processor would be best for playing best casino games without lag or stuttering. Choosing the wrong CPU may make you frustrated, especially if you’re already spending a lot of money on a new system.

You want to get the fastest CPU possible (which means going for Intel Core i5 or Ryzen), but it also depends on your budget. In this article, we’ll show you the best CPUs for seamless online gaming.

The Best CPUs for Seamless Online Gaming

1. AMD FX-6300

The cheapest and most popular choice from AMD. It offers great performance at a reasonable price. However, it only has four cores and six threads making it less efficient than other options. We recommend getting the 6300 instead due to its lower power usage.

2. AMD FX-8350

This is one of the most affordable models from AMD. Its eight cores and 12 threads offer a decent amount of horsepower for those who can afford it. But don’t buy this CPU thinking that it will run all online casino usa games at 1080p with maxed-out detail settings.

3. Intel Core i5 6600K

If you’re willing to spend more money, then the faster version of the Core i5 series is definitely worth considering. This CPU boasts higher clock speeds compared to the standard i5 parts; therefore, it delivers better performance. The downside? It’s still slightly overpriced so keep that in mind.

4. Intel Core i7 6700K


Intel’s flagship CPU comes equipped with twelve threads and hyper-threading technology. While this makes it slower when dealing with simple tasks such as opening programs, it provides impressive processing speed during intensive workloads like loading up multiple game worlds. If you can afford it, this is definitely a stellar option.

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