The casino games with the lowest house edge

When we play different games at the casino we do this to win as much extra cash as possible. This is a good idea or reason but there is a slight issue. Not all casino games have the same pay-out percentage. This differs from one game to the other. What the payout percentage does is to aid the casino in determining the casino house edge. The casino house edge is the statistical advantage the casino holds when every game is been played. This advantage is a practice in all casinos everywhere .e.g. Mr green casino and it varies from game to game in addition to it been at the casinos discretion to reduce or even increase such edge. That been said, it is advisable to play the games with the lowest house edge offered and see yourself walking away with some cool extra cash.

Below are some of the casino games with the lowest house edge starting from the very top;

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This game of cards comes with a house edge from 1.5%. The game cab be played in single deck which happens to be the best form of play for you as your chances of winning are greatly improved. This improvement is also due to the difference of -52 in a single deck of cards. With this low house edge, the possibility of you landing some good wins in blackjack whether you are a pro or not is really high.


This games brings to mind some of the most iconic gambling scenes in movie history like 007. This game is a pull to most players who believe they have what is takes to beat its rigid rules. The casino games has a house edge from 1.5%,  which players can choose to bet on the player, banker or tie. Most players stick with betting on the player because betting on the banker would attract an additional fee. The greats love baccarat, you should try your hand at it too.

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Video Poker

Most casinos offer a house edge of 5% to as low as 0.5% on video poker. Some players argue that there are good online casinos which offer a house edge of 0% on video poker. Well, we are certain most player would love to visit and play at such generous casinos, but we are also sceptical about such casinos because casinos are about making money will you have fun. That been said, video poker requires some level of skill and the application of strategy before a player can boost of certain winnings. Despite, video poker has the possibility of good winnings which can be quite rewarding.


Most players know the feeling of throwing that die. When it goes out of your hands, as you bribe lady luck to smile on you, it is almost indescribable. This feeling makes craps one of the most thrilling casino games there is. The games has a house edge starting from 5% to 1.4% making it one of the games which offers players the lowest house edge there is. The game also offers don’t pass/ don’t come bets which stay at just 1.4% only. Imagine, the winnings you could walk away with from a game of craps.

Three Card Poker 

Games played at the dead of night, millions in the pot, daring the wrath of the law, poker has fuelled the gambler’s desire for a long time. This form of poker however is the fun variant. It is quick to play and played with speed with only three cards to every player at the table and three cards for the house. The question is, can you beat them all with your hand? With a King high will pay the highest returns while a Queen high, which is recommended, will make sure you get your bet money back. This casino game has a house edge from 1.5%.

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Have no fear, there is no gun involved here. This games when played on the single zero version of the wheel will offer a house edge of 2.5%. The game plays 35-1 bets but the numbers on the wheel range from 1-37. So, what you need to do here is pick a number which could fall within the blacks or reds, the roulette wheel numbers are in blacks or reds, and place your bet. The wheel is given a spin and lets hope lady luck decides its your day to smile to the bank.


When it comes to the leader of the pack in online casinos, no game can beat the slots. This is so because the race for the best slots in the industry is constantly on and software developers are working tirelessly to achieve this feat. From free spins to bonus rounds, slots is a great casino game to try your hand on. Now, the payout percentage from slots aren’t comparable to table games but slots have a house edge from 2% to 10%. The beauty of slot games is they are to numerous to count. Pick your favourite and get spinning.

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Pai Gow Poker

Starting with a house edge from 2.5%, this game is a beautiful blend of Chinese domino and poker. Interested? This hybrid of a card game is fun to play. There is the added advantage of a player been able to land a double win from the seven cards dealt by the dealer when they have two winning hands.

Caribbean Stud Poker 

Unfortunately ladies, there will be no strip tease here. With a house edge starting from 5%, you would need your game face or better still, your poker face nailed down for this game. The objective here is to beat the house. The game starts with an ante bet placed. Next, are your cards good enough to beat the dealer’s card facing up or do you want to place another bet? Then there is also the jackpot bet. This is where a player can hit a royal flush and win big.

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