Top 5 Jewelry Gifts for a Woman’s Birthday Baltimore Jeweler

Who here does not like gifts? No one! Gifts can mean the world to someone you love and are the way to a woman’s heart. If any lady says otherwise – it’s a lie. Everyone loves gifts. Women that much more. 

However, the bad news is that men always seem puzzled over what to give as a gift to their mom, wife, or girlfriends. But the answer to this question is so simple – “a girl’s best friend is a diamond.” So it is sung in a famous song and this is a fact that no women can deny. Nothing is more fun and exciting than a new piece of jewelry or a sparkling diamond ring!

Why women are attracted to jewelry?

From time immemorial, the main purpose of putting on jewelry by ladies was to be liked by men. The earliest finding of jewelry was dated around 25,000 years ago. But today, without a doubt, earrings, rings, chains, bracelets and more are a way of self-expression and an opportunity to make an entrance and feel good about yourself. 

In order for a gift to become truly unforgettable, you need to understand a little about what is now fashionable in the world of jewelry:

  • The latest fashion is jewelry made in the older more traditional styles of yesteryear (for example, in the Baroque style)
  • Among colors of stones, bright colors and shades prevail: emerald, blue (sapphires), coral, ruby
  • Openwork weaving, floral motifs, and forms of abstraction are popular choices in design
  • Designers do not recommend wearing full jewelry sets. It will be much more stylish and fashionable to wear different types of jewelry that compliment each other.

Which 5 jewelry gifts are the most popular? 

Although it is mostly women that adorn jewelry, men are also admirers of expensive trinkets. But the most trendy and sought after are the following

  • Rings – at the moment they can be purchased not only in ordinary stores but also online. It is only necessary to know the size of the finger. An exquisite ring or a solid signet for a loved one is a great idea. This position takes first place in the ranking;
  • A chain or necklace takes the second place of the most desired gifts. For a man, this is a great occasion to fulfill an old dream and adorn the neck of a beloved girl, mother, daughter;
  • Bracelets – the third position in the top five. Their diversity is so amazing that you can choose all day. From a simple thin to a real work of art, for every taste and budget;
  • Earrings are always welcome. Long and short, with different fasteners and design;
  • Jewelry pendants – closes the list. A new accessory can make a boring chain new. Having a few similar gizmos, ladies can vary in their own way at will.

Where to buy? 

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