What is a momio?


One of the most visited sections of our online casino is the Sportsbook . The sports betting are currently the most sought after by fans of different leagues, and to put a little extra excitement to the games has become customary.

There are many types of bets and basically you can bet on almost anything that offers two or more options. In this way there is the possibility of betting on the winner, on the tie, on whoever scores first with the number of points and many more. 

It is necessary that every good bettor knows the odds of the various meetings which will take part, but what is really a momio in sports betting? If you are still not very familiar with that term, here we explain it in a simple way to understand.

The definition of momio

The odds are the relationship that exists between the possibility of a result being presented or not. In other words, the mathematical possibility , according to the conditions of the teams or people participating in an event, to win, lose or tie.

The most traditional odds are the American ones , which have negative and positive numbers, and which refers to the “disadvantage” that can be added to the favorites to win. In very simple terms, the teams with the fewest numbers are favorites to win.

Now that you know in a simple way what a momio is, run to our Sportsbook section and participate in the sport you like the most. We have all the leagues and all the games for you to choose your favorite teams and put that extra emotion in each game. Don’t think twice and conquer the game.

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