What is rollover betting?

rollover betting

Gambling, online casinos and gambling have become increasingly popular among those who want to have fun while trying to win money. To achieve this there are some key terms that you must know and that will increase your chances of getting it right. One of the most repeated doubts is what is rollover in bets . At mamacasinos we tell you what this term means and how it can help you when betting. 

What is rollover in betting?

Nowadays, it is very common for bookmakers or online casinos to offer you welcome bonuses for entering as a new user. However, these bonuses are not simple gifts, but require a series of conditions. The requirements that you must meet to release the welcome bonus or any other is what is known as rollover . 

This term consists of the obligation to bet a certain amount of money a certain number of times before being able to withdraw the balance. The conditions depend on each casino, which is the one that decides the money to bet, the number of times, and the fee.

How do the welcome bonuses work?  

Welcome bonuses are offers that bookmakers launch to attract users and that usually consist of providing new customers with extra money to place bets . The bettor is not in a position to make use of it until, as we have seen, he meets the rollover requirements. 

To get one of these bonuses, the bettor only needs to register in the online casino, sign up for the promotion and make the first deposit. At mamacasinos we offer you the best welcome bonuses on the market. 

Welcome bonus requirements

  • Be new to the web or make a deposit for the first time. 
  • Make an initial deposit. The bookmaker requires a minimum deposit. 
  • Comply with the rollover.
  • Comply with the minimum quota to bet on. 
  • Requirements must be completed within a specified period of time. If they are not fulfilled in that time, the bonus and the profits generated by it will disappear. 

Types of welcome bonuses  

  • Deposit bonuses: these are a bonus offered by bookmakers to users when they make a deposit, generally their first deposit, although there are also operators that offer bonuses on successive deposits.
  • No deposit bonuses: they are a help that users receive when registering without even having to make any deposit. Players must make a deposit, since to bet it is necessary to have credit.
  • Free bet bonuses: they are the simplest of all. Bookmakers allow new users to place a specified number of protected bets. This means that any player who makes a bet on a certain sporting event, will not lose the money bet, even if he does not get it right. 

Now that you know what rollover is in betting, you can make use of it at mamacasinos, the best online casino . Not only do we offer you the most interesting welcome bonuses on the market, but you can also enjoy a wide variety of games. Register on our website if you want to bet and win money without having to leave the sofa .

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