Does overtime count in basketball betting?

basketball betting

Are you a basketball fan and do you like sports betting? Then you will know that in this sport there is no possibility of a tie, and extra time is the only way to tie a match that reaches the conclusion of the 4th quarter in a draw. One of the most frequent doubts, therefore, is whether overtime counts in basketball betting . At mamacasinos we give you the answer. 

Why does overtime count in basketball betting?

The option of a tie does not exist in basketball and the game can only end with the victory of one or the other team. For this reason, the extension is used and if the case arises, they could be playing extensions for as long as necessary. Therefore, in basketball betting, overtime counts. At least in most bookmakers.

Among the basketball bets the most common are bets on the winner of the match, bets on handicap of points and bets on total points. Most bookmakers include points scored in a hypothetical overtime. In this sense, football and basketball bets are completely different, since while in football matches the extension is not valid nor does it usually count, it turns out that in basketball bets, the extension is valid when investing the money, which can be a good opportunity in many cases. 

Tips for winning at basketball betting  

  • Get informed : before making any bets, it is essential to have all the information about the event we are going to bet on. Not only do you have to know who is playing, but also who are the members of the team, the state they are going through, whether or not there are injuries or the statistics between the rivals in previous confrontations. Only in this way we guarantee that our bet is sustained and has a chance of winning. 
  • Specialize: within basketball you can focus on the league you dominate the most, be it the NBA or the ACB or a specific competition. 
  • Be careful with the combinations: the combination bets are very attractive, since they allow you to get a lot of money by betting small amounts. However, the more matches that are included in a combination bet, the more chances there is of failure as well. 
  • Take advantage of live betting: if basketball is itself a more exciting sport than other disciplines, since the score can change quickly, live betting makes it even more interesting. Betting live is largely based on first-hand information, and it is possible to bet one way or the other depending on what is happening on the court


Now you know that overtime counts in basketball betting, and at mamacasinos, one of the best online sports betting houses , you can try your luck with almost any competition. But not only will you be able to enjoy the best modalities, but we also assure you the highest profits. Register on our website and take advantage of our welcome promotions right now. 

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