What is the difference between single and multiple bet?

single and multiple bet

Do you enjoy sports and have you become fond of sports betting? Then you should know that there are different variables when it comes to betting, which will make it more or less easy for you if you want to win money. For this reason, at mamacasinos we want to explain to you what the difference is between single and multiple bet . This will make it much easier for you to turn those bets into an economic reward. 

Differences between single and multiple bet

  • Simple Bet: It is the basis for any bettor, so it is especially recommended for beginners. In addition, it is essential to master it to enter other types of bets. Simple bets are placed on a single sporting event for a single circumstance, outcome or option. In order to win these bets, the specific event we are betting on must occur; otherwise the bet is lost. The profit obtained is exclusively conditioned to the fee associated with our bet. 
  • Multiple bet : bet of two or more variables that will win if all the predictions are correct. The most interesting thing about these bets is that their total share is obtained by multiplying all the odds of the bets made. Of course, all results must be winners: if a bet is not a winner, the entire bet will have been lost. In short, they are more difficult bets to win, but at the same time they offer better odds.

Are single or multiple bets better?  

The reason why multiple bets are so popular these days is because they allow bettors to get more out of their balance and also at lower odds. The amount of bets that a multiple can have is practically unlimited. The more bets you include, the higher the odds and odds to pay, but also the less likely it is to win. 

Therefore, beginning bettors should avoid multiple bets until they are sure they have mastered single bets, and it is not recommended to combine too many bets. After four bets, the chances of winning are significantly reduced . 

Multiple bet types  

  • Parlay Normal: s and should hit every game. If you bet on two results it is called double, and if you bet on three it is called triple. To know the value of the winnings, after a positive result, the amount of bets made is multiplied. It is then multiplied by the money wagered. 
  • Safe multiple bet: it occurs when the results are very predictable and easy to hit. Therefore, they are considered a safe multiple bet. They are bets with a high success rate.
  • Trixie bet: it is a combined bet of 3 events that in turn is broken down into 4 sub-bets. That is, by betting on a trixie we actually make 4 different bets of the same amount. These 4 bets are 3 double bets and one triple bet.

Now that you know the difference between single and multiple bet, it will be easier for you to bet. In mamacasinos you can make all kinds of online sports bets , regardless of the competition or the modality. Visit our website and give more excitement to your favorite sport. 

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