December 7, 2021

What is the Asian handicap in betting?

Asian handicap in betting

Asian handicap in betting

Sports betting has more and more fans. If you like football, basketball, Formula 1 or any other competition, betting can become not only a new form of leisure, but an option to win extra money. But how do you get it? To do this, you must know what the Asian handicap is , a type of sports bet that aims to make the odds more attractive. At  mamacasinos we tell you everything you need to know. 

What is the Asian handicap?

An Asian handicap is based on adding a fictitious handicap to one of the participating teams in a sporting event. It is applied to equalize the odds of the contestants, so that the favorite team is given an initial penalty on the scoreboard or the weaker team is given an advantage. Thus, the quotas of both are much more equal. 

Understanding what it consists of is extremely useful for bettors, as it opens up a huge universe of options when betting on both results and scores. It is used mainly in football matches, although it can be used in other sports such as basketball or tennis. 

Types of Asian handicap  

There are 4 types of Asian handicap. They work very similarly, but each one has its peculiarities. 

  • Asian Whole Goal Handicap: This type of Asian handicap adds or subtracts whole numbers from the score of the selected team. If the chosen handicap is a positive number, this amount is added to the number of goals the team scores in the match. If it is a negative number, it is subtracted from its final score.
  • Half-goal Asian handicap: goals are added or subtracted from the final score in half-goal sections. Thus, bets cannot end in a draw. 
  • Asian quarter goal handicap : there is the possibility of betting combining the half goal handicap and the full goal handicap. It is nothing more than the sum of the two handicaps divided by two.
  • Asian Handicap 0.0: This type of bet does not alter the score. If the match ends in a draw, the bet is void and the money bet is recovered.

Differences between Asian and European handicap  

The big difference between both types of bets is that the Asian handicap has many more alternatives. The European handicap is the easiest. In this case, it is enough to add or subtract the value of the handicap to the result of a match, and the tie will make you lose the bet.

On the other hand, the Asian handicap allows many more variables, and the tie does count , that is, if there is a tie, the bet is returned.

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