What Is the Origin of the Name ‘Slot Machine’?

Slot Machine

Slot machines owe their name to the denomination of coins in Spain when the peseta was its maximum exponent. On the one hand, we found the small dog , a 5 cent peseta coin, and on the other, the fat dog , which was 10 cent pesetas. To this name was added the word swallow, which refers to the mechanism by which, after inserting the money into the slot of the machine, it swallowed it and you never saw it again. Thus the word slot machine was formed .

Liberty Bell: the forerunner of online slots

To know the history of this machine, we must go back to the end of the 19th century. In 1887, in San Francisco, the car mechanic Charles Frey devised a mechanism with three spinning wheels and five symbols. This device was called the Liberty Bell and it revolutionized the gambling industry . The reason is because it incorporated the option of automatic payments that, until then, had not existed.

Its name, slots , is an Anglo-Saxon term, whose origin is found in the United States. In fact, in this place, its etymology has not been modified. However, the Spanish adaptation did. For their part, countries in Central and South America, especially Mexico and Colombia, opted for the word slots .

As an aside, we will explain that slot refers to the slot, hole or space through which we introduce the coins into the machine.

Small dog and fat dog: the image of a lion

The history of female dogs in Spain is very interesting. As we mentioned above, the small dog was the 5-cent coin, while the fat one was the ten-cent coin. In Asturias, on the other hand, they spoke of perrinas and perronas . But the curious thing is that, on the coin, the image of a lion appeared and not of a dog. However, a misunderstanding led to the popular belief that it was a dog or a bitch, depending on the gender you wanted to give it.

As a result of the invention of the first gambling machine, others that imitated the Liberty Bell arose. The Bell-Fruit candy company improved on Frey’s prototype. In fact, it was refined little by little and installed in casinos , game rooms and even barbershops. Nowadays, technological advances have allowed the incorporation of video, 3D and virtual payment systems in these machines. Also, we can enjoy online slots .

Now we know that, with responsible gaming, online slots allow you to have a very fun and exciting time, playing what you like the most. You just have to choose the most suitable slot machine and try your luck at mamacasinos . If you succeed, all the effort will be worth it and you will feel as if you were on a cloud. Do not stop trying!

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