Megaways Slots

Megaways Slots

Playing slots has become one of the favorite pastimes of a large part of the public that frequents casinos. It has also gained popularity among those new to virtual gaming, encouraged by the rise of online platforms. And it is that the developments are getting better and better and, at the same time that they make it possible to win important prizes, they offer a good time of fun and entertainment. If you have been dabbling in this field, you have probably already heard of Megaways Slots and may even have played some of them. Next, we will tell you a little more about what this interesting variant of slots is about.

What are Megaways Slots and how are they different from traditional slots?

If we had to define them by their most representative feature, it would undoubtedly be because of the immense number of ways to win that they offer , with most of them exceeding 100,000 ways to win . Although there are different ways to win among online slots , most of them offer their prizes based on pay lines . The number of paylines in traditional slots can range from one to hundreds.

However, Megaways Slots far exceeds this number, offering hundreds of thousands of ways to win . That, added to the dynamism of their game, has made them very popular in recent times. Initially developed by Big Time Gaming , today it is possible to find them in a large number of online casinos, and they are the favorites of a large part of their players.

How do Megaways slots work?

The main feature of Megaways Slots is that you can swap the symbols on your reels on every spin. This is what makes it possible to exponentially multiply the ways and possibilities of winning . But do not think that this is complex to understand. Megaways Slots generally have 6 reels with between 2 and 8 symbols each. Before each spin, the slot randomly chooses how many symbols it will put into play. Of course, this adds adrenaline to your experience because, ultimately, you never know how many symbols will end up participating in each spin and how much your chances of winning will be increased. The more symbols displayed on each reel of the slots – these being smaller – the more ways to win that game will have!

Where to play Megaways Slots?

As we anticipated, it was Big Time Gaming who launched Bonanza Megaways in 2016 , the first slot of its kind. At that time, a revolution was generated, since the way of obtaining prizes in a slot machine was completely changed. However, little by little, and as other titles were developed, Megaways Slots began to be not only accepted but adored by the players. Over time, other developers joined this move, and today you can find numerous titles in the main physical and online casinos in Spain and the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of Megaways Slots

You will already be imagining what one of its main advantages is, since we have highlighted it as its distinctive feature: its thousands of ways to win . This positions them among the favorites of many players because it also gives more emotion and dynamism to each play. Furthermore, Megaways Slots includes many features. Some of them are shared by traditional slots and some are not. We tell you some:

Free Spins – Certain symbol combinations lead to a series of Free Spins. This is also quite common in traditional slots. But, unlike what happens in those, since there is a variable number of symbols on the reels, the free spins can reach really surprising numbers.

Buy Symbols – This feature is not available on all Megaways Slots. However, it is good that you know that some of them enable the purchase of one symbol per reel, allowing it to remain fixed during spins.
Multipliers – Just like traditional slots, Megaways Slots feature multiplier bonuses that help to greatly increase the size of the prizes when a winning combination is hit.

Cascading Game – This is one of the most exciting and fun toppings of Megaways Slots. When this happens, all the symbols on the reels change in a dizzying fashion, leading to big wins .

On the other hand, the list of titles available in this mode is quite small compared to the thousands that you can play in traditional versions. The Megaways versions are implemented by software developers in those slots that are best known and best valued over time, thus offering extra fun to lovers of these award-winning titles. Below, you can learn about some of the most popular titles today.


As always, it is up to you to choose which type of slots you prefer to play. But think that you do not have to discard one in favor of the other, especially when you can start playing them without risking real money and discover which one gives you more fun. The Megaways Slots propose a great change in the dynamics of this type of game. Do you dare to take the step?

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