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online slots

Slots are the most popular casino game, perhaps because of their simplicity and ease of playing without prior knowledge, but they are also the main source of income for a casino, since their results are completely random and do not allow for strategy, or Yes? Are there strategies to play slots and win?

The most experienced claim that after playing for a long time you begin to understand each machine a little, and if there are tricks, tactics, methods or strategies to improve your rate of return in online slots .

To clarify the subject a little and to be realistic , the strategies are based on the process of how the player manages his money or his game balance in the best way . You must also learn to carry out an objective analysis of each slot machine in question, determine its ‘turn-over’ or rate of return and manage the rhythm of the bet in a controlled manner.

The goal is not how to get the biggest win, but how to minimize your losses to increase your chances of landing a nice jackpot, free spins round or strong symbol combination.

Tips for playing slots

1.Budget or Bankroll

Set a budget and don’t let the emotions of winning or losing change it. You have a set budget that you’re willing to lose in the name of entertainment, you can’t spend more on that game. If you lose it, you must lose it in full or by less than 10% margin and walk away for the rest of the day. You will bet again only when you financially have a surplus to re-establish a gaming budget.

2.Emotionless and very methodical

It is very important to only play when your mood is positive, without emotional distractions such as the need to get out of financial trouble or depression. Never bet when you do not have financial solvency, betting is not the solution to your economic problems, rather you only go to them when you have a balanced life and you do it as a healthy hobby.

All the casinos that we recommend in Spain include a player protection program, where you can contact support to set limits on bets and thus control the maximum you can spend.

3.Choose the slots with the highest payout percentage

Most slots pay out 92% to 97% of the time you push the button or pull the lever. The casinos that we recommend publish this percentage in the information of each game, so that you can choose those that pay the most and are above 92%. To corroborate this information, go to the most popular slots forums to find out what these machines are, here you can see the five best slots or slots .

4.What to do if the slot machine is “hot” and you win very often?

Remember the odds number, only between 8% and 3% of all your playing time on a single machine will be winning on average. So if you see that you are in a winning moment you should withdraw immediately after, since your 3% has finished and there is only one gap left. Stop playing and find another machine, especially after going through a bonus round.

5.Budget your earnings

What you win will not be bet, separate it as part of your winnings and continue betting the bankroll. In the end if you end up with losses they will be cushioned by the small profits or with your initial budget plus the profit. It is perhaps the best strategy to play slots of all and will keep you alive for a long time so that you can enjoy your bets much more in the best online casinos in Spain .

Classic Slots Vs. Modern: Which is better?

It is very important to know which machine is best for you. The industry is designed to make you think that modern slots offer many more winning options , as they include numerous bonus games, jackpots , and up to 25 line combinations with Wilds and Scatters (Wilds and multipliers). All this is great up to a certain point, because the more game lines you choose, your small bet is multiplied disproportionately and your budget will disappear very quickly.

The goal of the casinos is for you to spend your money fast by pushing you to bet all the lines. So the secret is not to take all 25 lines? If you don’t take them you lose profit opportunities by not participating with all the active possibilities but that should not be our objective.

Classic slots eliminate this paradigm, they only offer you a single row or a maximum of 3 with 3 payout columns. The field of action is drastically reduced keeping the maximum bet controlled and you cover the entire field of play. You do not have the advantages of bonuses and other features, but you will win more often and it is more controllable to execute a game strategy. It is not for nothing that classic slots are the most recommended by veterans if your focus is to win money only with the games without taking into account the Jackpot .

Look for those that do not have as many pay lines and keep the bets low in the so-called penny slots, or Penny Slots in English. You can bet a minimum of 2 or 5 cents with 10 to 15 active lines and you would not be betting more than €1 per game. The trick in these slots is to stick with all the lines until you hit a bonus round, knowing that wherever you are playing has a good multiplier. If you hit 10 free spins with a multiplier that can go up to 600x your initial bet, a single bonus round with a max bet of €2 or €5 can be quite significant.

What is the true probability of winning at slots?

The slots are designed in such a way that between 3% and 8% of the games are winning. The probability of winning more money than you invest in a slot machine is 18.3%, according to data from the professor of Applied Mathematics at CEU San Pablo University, Miguel Córdoba , as exemplified in his book “Anatomy of the Game”. In addition, you must take into account what the RTP or Return To Player is.


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