Casino Jackpots – Biggest Types and Prizes Ever

It is almost certain that at some time in your life you have heard the word “jackpot”, either by chance, in a movie or because you are very familiar with the subject of casinos. In either situation, this time we want to delve a little deeper into the subject and for you to know everything about jackpots , how they work and the highest prizes that some players have won worldwide.

So at mamacasinos Insider and we will tell you the highest prizes that these great lucky ones have won, check them out and then do not miss our information on jackpots.

What are jackpots

The first thing we must define is: what are jackpots? Simple, it is an accumulated bet (the jackpot, for some), the largest prize pool that increases thanks to the fact that there is not yet a winner, this can be in the coin machines, roulette, bingo or in poker .

It is a word that has been used for a long time, to be exact since 1880 in Las Vegas, United States. This word was used in particular during the game of poker when no player got a pair of jacks or some other pair of higher cards.

And well, we cannot fail to mention that in Nevada, there is a town called “Jackpot”, created in the 50s by “Cactus Pete” Piersanti after gambling was banned in Idaho. There they took the casinos and games, and to date some of the most important are still there.

Types of jackpots: fixed and progressive

Based on this definition, we also know different types of jackpots, particularly in coin machine games. Let’s start with the fixed one, which is when the amount is maintained, does not change and has no relation to the number of new players or the time in which that prize is not won.

While the progressive jackpot, the amount does increase, the factors that influence the increase in the amounts are: more players betting and the time in which the accumulated bag has not been won. Because of this it is that the sums reached sometimes reach the millions, so a stroke of luck ends up being a total life change.

But, we must not forget that in the progressive jackpot, as soon as there is a winner, it is as if a reset occurs, the winning jackpot drops to zero and grows again as they play and bet again.

Despite the differences between the two, both are very attractive to those who play these machines, some could play it safe for a fixed jackpot and others, look for more opportunities with a bag that is increasing more and more, now the likes of each person is what makes the jackpot a great attraction for each bettor.

Biggest jackpot prizes at mamacasinos

The greatest stories of winners have been heard in various parts of the world, but in our country there are also accumulated bags that are really worth it! If thanks to our definition of jackpot and the types that there are, you have decided to explore the world of casinos, at mamacasinos we also have attractive accumulated bags.

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