What Makes a Good Poker Freeroll?


A freeroll is a poker tournament that you play for free. That’s obviously great, but what you may not realize is that some freerolls are better than others. What makes a good freeroll? A number of factors might cause you to choose one freeroll over another when playing texas holdem online.

What Makes a Good Poker Freeroll: Cap on Entries

Freerolls, as you might expect, attract a lot of players. When all you have to do for a shot at the prize is sign up, you’re going to get a horde of hungry poker players clicking the “register” link. As a result, many freerolls have a cap on how many people can enter.

Unfortunately, this cap is often something like 10,000 entries, meaning you’ll have to play about 15 hours straight to win twenty bucks. If you can find a freeroll that caps its entries at something like 1,000 players, you’re in business.

What Makes a Good Poker Freeroll: Prizes

Since you’re not putting up any money, you can’t expect much in the way of prizes. Often you’ll find first prize to be around twenty dollars, or even entry into another satellite for which the first prize may be $100.

Every once in awhile though, you may find a special promotion in which some person or group is putting real money into a freeroll in order to garner attention for a poker enterprise. Keep an eye out for these and jump in when you find one.

What Makes a Good Poker Freeroll: Poker Site

If you’re playing a freeroll on a site you like, it’s a lot more fun. You’re getting good practice playing on a site where you would play anyway. If it’s a new site, a freeroll is a good opportunity to figure out if this site is really a place where you want to play regularly.

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