When to start betting on a league?


Football is the favorite sport of many bettors and every season there are hundreds of competitions available at bookmakers . However, it is not always a good time to place sports bets on a football league. Do you want to know when it is appropriate to start betting on a league? That is precisely what we want to tell you.

 It’s not always a good time

The first thing you have to know is that it is not always a good time to bet on the different soccer leagues or at least not to bet heavily. Unless you want to bet for fun or simply to add excitement to a match, we do not recommend betting on the first days of a competition.

The European season usually ends during the month of May and until the beginning of August the leagues remain inactive if there is no European Championship or World Cup in between. The teams in these leagues play pre-season matches inside and outside their country, but these matches are by no means a barometer for their actual capabilities, as they are friendly matches where different approaches, players, etc. are tested.

Teams don’t always manage to pick up the pace in the first days of the league and it is also quite difficult to predict these types of matches because, in addition to the inactivity of the teams, there are also many changes from the end of a season to the start of a new one. The clubs make signings until August 31 (market closing day), suffer unexpected ups and downs, hire new coaches, and all this makes it not so easy to forecast in the first league games.

The ideal moment

Without having recently played official matches, the precedents for statistical analysis become insufficient. For this reason, it is necessary to see how the first games go, what is the performance of each team against rivals of different levels, as home or away, among many other aspects.

Depending on the case, matchday 11 could be a key moment to start betting on a league, since there would be 10 games for each team, 5 away and 5 at home, which serve as precedents for an effective statistical analysis.

On the hunt for a trend

Matchday 11 seems to us the right time to start predicting with some caution in high-level European leagues.

Now, that means that you should not bet before that day, but you should do it with a lower stake than usual. Likewise, it may also be the case that there is a clear tendency of a team towards a specific market during the first days.

For example, if a team plays its first 7 games and 6 of them end with a score greater than 2.5 goals, there is an important trend worth paying attention to.

If your sports betting application technically allows it, you should mark those teams or leagues that you find most interesting during the first 10 days. This will speed up your work and help you optimize the time you spend searching for reliable forecasts each day .

Watch out for the final days

The final days are usually much more charged with emotion than the rest of the competition, that is very obvious, there is much more at stake and 3 points become 6. However, you have to be very careful when betting on the final phase of a league.

Many teams arrive at the final rounds with no hope of qualifying for European competition places and therefore with nothing to fight for. It can also be the case of a champion defined in advance or mathematically relegated teams with no options at all. This means that the matches are not played with the same intensity and there may be surprises in the result of our match.

For example, a team with a certain entity is mathematically relegated and we think: is nothing at stake? But it doesn’t have to, this team can have many players in the shot for the transfer market, and these players can show more ambition than up to that moment.


Undoubtedly, there are many factors that influence and this is our perspective, based on the experience accumulated in sports betting over many years. In short, we are not interested in the beginning or the outcome, we are left with the knot of the competition when it comes to betting. Now, it is your time to decide when to start placing your bets and which football matches you should avoid betting on .

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