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Whether you like sports betting or you are simply a sports lover, it is sure that you want to be aware of everything that happens. Come on, we know that the best thing would be to be able to see each event, but we will not always have live broadcasts and when it comes to simultaneous events, it is impossible for us to follow them all at once.

There are web spaces that offer us live scores, but technology has evolved so much that the mobile has become our main tool. Mobile applications to follow live scores are today incredible tools that allow us to know the live results of our favorite events at any time and place. It’s time to present our 5 recommendations!

FlashScore ‘MisMarcadores’: The most complete in sports

We have tried different apps to make this ranking and among all of them this has been the one that has convinced us the most in several aspects. Surely you remember “MisMarcadores”, because the popular sports results website also became an app, and since 2021 it has been called FlashScore.

FlashScore is one of the favorite apps of many users and also ours when it comes to following live scores of sporting events. This app offers us hundreds of event markers for up to 38 different sports every day , so it goes without saying that you can get information on almost any event.

There are more than 9,000 sports competitions to follow on FlashScore, whether you want to see live scores, check the final result of an event or get the previous information along with top-level statistics.

The design of the app is quite attractive despite the fact that it appears to be something simple and with a couple of taps you can quickly navigate from one sport to another. The predominant color is white and green, although when an event updates its marker, we can see slightly how it is shaded taking on a light yellow color.

The FlashScore app allows us to configure the content that is offered to us to our liking, we will be able to mark up to 100 teams and unlimited competitions as favorites to access them first and even configure smart alerts in the matches that we like the most to receive information in real time of every major event that happens.

Despite the fact that many users may have the perception that it is an app that is too simple, due to the fact that it does not have a current affairs section or does not present areas dedicated to its community. The old My Leaderboards has created a pretty solid project focused on tipsters. Which allows us to have everything we need quickly and without major distractions. Among its greatest virtues we can highlight its non-invasive advertising and the presentation of odds for at least 4 bookmakers, which makes it even easier for us to compare odds before each match. Not only will we find odds on the winner, it will also be possible to review the rest of the popular markets: Asian handicaps , exact score, both score, half-time/final, etc.

SofaScore: The best live statistics

Another quite complete and very useful application with which we can keep up to date with what is happening in our favorite matches is SofaScore. This great tool has sneaked into 2nd place in our ranking of the best live scoring apps thanks to its complete coverage of live statistics , standing out here above the rest of the options.

More than half a million users have rated it with 5 stars on Google Play -something not easy-, thus being one of the best rated by verified users. SofaScore gives us access to live scores in thousands of competitions and results for up to 23 sports.

The app has a simple and intuitive design with a fairly high learning curve. In addition, another advantage that distinguishes this application is its involvement in publicizing where the official broadcast of the meeting takes place (platform and channel) thanks to the collaboration of its extensive community.

Having the SofaScore app on our mobile we can keep up to date with what is happening in our favorite matches with plenty of information about them. However, we miss having a broader odds comparator, since it only covers the odds offered by Bet365, something that, as we have already mentioned, we found in FlashScore.

The Score: Amazing Community

Previously, it was known as ScoreMobile, but a few years ago it became The Score. It is one of the most attractive apps when it comes to following live scores. In it we will find a wide variety of events, up to 20 disciplines, some less than in the previous two.

The Score app is not difficult to navigate, but it’s not as fast as FlashScore, which is another detail that explains why it’s our third choice. In terms of design, The Score is ahead of the competition’s apps , although its great weakness is that all the information is in English, since it is mainly aimed at an American public, so it should not surprise us that sports like baseball or basketball appear as the most prominent.

The Score gives us access to live scores of hundreds of matches, in addition to being able to know the results of finished events; high-impact news through its ‘News’ and ‘Discover’ sections; as well as access valuable information before, during and after each event.

This live scoring app allows us to know pre-match line-ups, collective and individual statistics, calendars, classifications and much more. It is also worth noting that they have a chat within each game so that users can exchange information.

We can’t fail to mention that The Score allows you to configure notifications for a specific game or team to be able to follow it very closely, receiving alerts every day and the latest news. In addition, this app completes its proposal with the outstanding odds for the winner of the match, helping us to find matches where it may be interesting for us to make our predictions .

BeSoccer: 100% footballer

BeSoccer is a fascinating app for soccer lovers, it has many functions and the main one is to offer us live results. Of course, of all the options in our ranking, BeSoccer is exclusively a live soccer scoreboard app, there are no other sports available, which can limit our experience a bit.

The design of the BeSoccer app is fantastic and super-intuitive, very elegant in its default version and much more when applying the night mode. Through it, we will be able to follow the live scores of more than 10,000 soccer competitions, as well as receive notifications when the score of a match we have chosen is updated.

In addition, in BeSoccer it is possible to interact with its wide community, give personal evaluations about events or consult the most detailed statistics player by player. Here yes, advertising is much more constant and may be too intrusive at certain times.

Bet365 app: Betting, yes, but much more!

To close our ranking of the best live scoring apps, we have included a fantastic tool that is not exactly for that, but that has this possibility among its functions.

Bet365 is the largest and most popular bookmaker in the world and its mobile app not only allows us to bet on it, but also includes different functions and one of them is to easily consult live scores as in the case of apps previously mentioned.

If you want to take advantage of this resource that Bet365 offers you, you just have to scroll to the bottom and locate the “Score/Result” section, where you must select the “Live Score” option. You will immediately be redirected to a section with all available live scores, with information provided by Betradar.

As with the other live scoring apps, we can also check the results of previous events and we will have the opportunity to choose our favorite matches to access them with just a tap.

In conclusion

Depending on your preferences, betting online or simply following the day to day of your favorite teams, you should opt for one or the other option. If you want to go as deep as possible in an encounter, we recommend you to have The Score or Bessocer. On the other hand, if you want to quickly analyze matches and compare their odds to bet on them, you should opt for the first two options, FlashScore or SofaScore.

As you can see, there are different options that can help us not to miss any details of our favorite games. Yes, there are many more live scoring apps, but these five are really the ones that deserve to be in our ranking. So it’s time to choose the one you like the most and follow your matches. The final choice is yours alone!

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